Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lots of Drama... But He is Here!

Sunday, July 29th we went to church as usual but I was really not feeling like myself.  When we got home we ate lunch and all laid down for our usual Sunday nap.  But there was no sleep.  I was contracting regularly and in a really abnormal amount of pain.  So we headed into L and D.

My doctor was on call and came to see me.  I hadn't made any progress so he told me to walk the halls for 2 hours and we'd check again.  Still no progress although they could see the contractions on the screen and he noted I seemed to be in an abnormal amount of pain.  I had an appointment scheduled with him the next morning and fully expected I wouldn't go much longer.

Monday, July 30th, I wore my sunglasses into the doctor's office to hide my bloodshot eyes.  I had no sleep the night before despite ambien and my usual benadryl (for hives.)  The office lady put me in the computer late and my doctor didn't see I had checked in, so he left for surgery.  We left and came back after lunch and saw his partner. 

Dr. E was very concerned about the monitoring strip with my regular contractions but still making no progress.  He was also concerned about Isaiah and asked me to go across the street to the hospital for more monitoring.  He wanted to push fluids as well even though I was well hydrated (not an easy task for me...) 

We arrived at the hospital and things moved really fast.  Fluids were run and monitoring was done.  It looked concerning for a long time.  Then they decided that maybe some pain meds would relax me enough to space things back out.  Isaiah perked up, but I was still in a lot of pain and still not able to sleep.  The on call doctor, Dr. M, asked if I'd be okay with an amnio and we consented.  Results would come the next morning.  I was admitted to the hospital.

July 31st, we were shocked to find out that the amnio indicated that his lungs were not mature.  A repeat csection was scheduled for August 10th but we'd be watching everything very closely.

The days were exhausting and the nights were without much sleep.  Brandon was still working, my aunt was holding down the fort at home and I was doing everything I could to will my body to hold him in.  I really, really didn't want to be separated from him at birth and have him sent to the NICU.  So we prayed and waited.  It never failed right before Bran would have to leave for work, something would go wonky with monitoring.  I went from twice a day monitoring to three times a day.  20 minute strips turned into 2 hours. 

Contractions were still coming and yet nothing was happening. 

My pain was still unable to be managed and my body was quickly giving out.  I waffled between begging God to please just let him come and begging God to keep him in just long enough for us to be able to stay together.  

Sunday, August 5th, the homesickness became too much.  I begged Brandon to please bring me the children although I didn't want them to see me in pain, I needed to see their faces.  He promised he'd bring them after work on Monday. 

Monday, August 6th, I woke up and things just weren't quite right.  I couldn't put my finger on it but told every nurse that asked that something was off.  Brandon brought the children for about an hour and it really helped my spirits.  It took so much energy to try to "fake it" for my girls.  I think they knew things weren't quite right but they didn't say much.  Julianne was most concerned that I had an IV in my arm with several ports.  My 2nd IV of my stay.  I lost that IV shortly after their visit.  

That night Brandon decided we needed something other than hospital food.  He helped me shower and get in fresh pajamas and we enjoyed a quiet dinner just the two of us.  Shortly after, the contractions picked up. 

My third monitoring of that day was obviously different than the first two.  Brandon and I prayed and watched the Olympics.  I had the same nurse for the third night in a row and she kept trying to pinpoint my "not quite feeling right" description, but I couldn't narrow much down.  Soon after I was holding onto the hospital rail, begging Brandon to come stand right next to me. 

The nurse decided to give me my night medications and give it an hour.  Shortly after my nurse assignment changed and we were calling for my nurse.  I had been given ambien, pain medication and my nightly benadryl and was still awake and in pain. 

They connected me back to monitors and it was obvious that things had picked up even more.  She phoned the doctor on call and we started fluids again but first had to do some work on my 4th IV of my stay.  Then they ran a relaxant and the contractions got stronger.  Still no change and Isaiah was not presenting correctly.  There was some murmuring as multiple nurses watched the monitoring strips.  I was afraid to probe too much... this being my 4th delivery, I knew something wasn't right...

It was announced that I'd be having Isaiah that day but we were going to need a repeat csection. 

Things went really fast and then he was born.  He was watched in the nursery for about 40 minutes and then we were put back together.  He didn't need the NICU!  Praise God! 

We were discharged together on 8/9.   We took the early discharge... but that is a story for another day.

We are over the moon excited that he is here and all is well.  I'm still having severe back pain.  Even through the pain medication for my csection.  Prayers are appreciated for that issue. 

Every second of the rollercoaster ride was worth it.  He is WORTH IT.  I start crying when I think about all the prayers that have gone up for my sweet baby boy.  We had no idea how this was going to end when I woke up months ago in that puddle of blood but God HAS worked it all for good. 

I feel so blessed.  Blessed beyond measure. 

Isaiah Samuel:  7 lbs 12.7 oz (my biggest!), 20.5 inches long (my longest!)
Born August 7, 2012

The first picture of the Fantastic Five.  It was love at first sight.

Father, I am so very thankful that You have chosen to bless me with five children.  Thank you for sending Isaiah to us safely.  Thank you for the preparation that my VBAC was not meant to be.  Everyone seemed shocked that I was calm but I had such peace.  Your will for my life continues to leave me breathless.  It hasn't been an easy path, but You've blessed us in our obedience.  I'm blessed beyond measure by You.  Love You and praise You.