The Beginning

Brandon and I grew up near Augusta, Georgia.  We met when we briefly worked for the same company when I was 17 and he was 18.  We parted ways but continued to have a mutual friend.

Periodically, we would unknowingly ask our mutual friend about each other and every now and then we would cross paths.  But we both were in relationships at the time. 

In 2002, my ex-husband and I separated and I found out I was pregnant two weeks later.  In  February 2003, I gave birth to DeLainey.  Shortly after that, I helped our friend move out of her parent's house.  After a long day of moving her belongings, I arranged a sitter and we went out to dinner at the restaurant that Brandon managed.  He came over to our table and we had a short conversation.  That night, he called our friend and asked for my number.  Not wanting to put me in an awkward spot, she said she'd pass his number to me. 

My hands shook as I dialed his number.  We talked for a bit and he offered to distract me the next day when my mom was going into surgery and I couldn't go with Lainey. 

I called him at 8am on March 24, 2003.  He thought I was nuts. 

The three of us hung out all day.  Soon after we were inseparable. 

He proposed on July 4th, 2003.   I thought he was nuts. 

We were married April 4, 2004.   Everyone just KNEW we were nuts. 

Our marriage hasn't been easy.  Most things that are worthwhile aren't.  But I married my best friend that day and I'd do it again a million times over!

We've struggled with poor family relationships, my parents divorcing, health issues, infertility, a miscarriage, a job loss, financial issues, relocating, high risk pregnancies, and a failed adoption but we choose to believe Romans 8:28:

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. (NIV)