Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Teeth are Coming!

Most of my friends know this about me, but I'll share it here too.

I despise teething.

I'd rather potty train each of my children twice, than deal with teething. Seriously!

Here is a brief history of teething ala Bee Style.

Lainey- teethed early (3-4 months folks!), teethed hard, had mulitple ear infections, found out she was allergic to rocephin, an antibiotic shot that they gave her because of terrible GI side effects from oral antibiotics that she was experiencing. NOT FUN.

Julianne- Not a tooth in the child's head until around 1. Seriously, even I the teething hater, started to get concerned. We saw her baby teeth on a chest xray and I was relieved but didn't look forward to their arrival. She teethed hard and chewed everything in sight, including the edge of our wooden stairs. Yes.. I know.. this has been compared to puppies multiple times by multiple friends.

Xander- Oh me oh my. The kiddo has the worst time with teeth! He hates teeth. He likes to chew his hands and fingers and then gets really upset when he bites himself. He will not take a teething toy or chew a washcloth, or a biter biscuit. Nope.. hands are the only things that will do.. well besides your forearm or wrist and trust me, the chompers work (and hurt!) He is a drooly, sopping mess. The poor guy looks miserable in a bib during his playtime, like we are pulling a cruel joke on him. How dare we put a baby bib on him! In fact, he's recently figured out how to tear them off but before that he would wad the bib up and try to chew it! Now he chews the collars of his shirts.. like he's a goat. He has 10 teeth (one has only barely broken through though.) The most recent additions are two molars on the left side. He chomped me tonight when I was trying to make sure he wasn't eating a toy. It hurt.

Lord help me.. I have at least one more teether to go. Can't we just do baby dentures or something? I mean baby teeth aren't even permanent!



Grace~The Mommy On the Bus said...

Baby dentures...LOL! I've often thought that too...those teeth are so painful coming in and then they don't even last! But it does make the second set a lot easier!!!

HouseOfSmooches said...

I must confess, I sat here tonight and read your entire blog. I just loved reading your posts on Xander's adoption and the precious gift of openness his birthmom has extended. Anyway, I was just wondering if you would be willing to share what agency you used for his adoption?

~Stephanie said...

We used our local Jewish Family Services for our homestudy and Catholic Charities was our placing agency. We are neither Jewish or Catholic. Try calling your local offices because they tend to only work with families in their areas (not nationally like other agencies.)