Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Your Comfort Zone

(I know I've been MIA, I have a TON to post about...)

But I wanted to share something that has been on my heart this week. This past Sunday, we were finishing our study on the book of Jonah in our Sunday School class. (Side note: I LOVE our Sunday School class and continue to learn so much!)

Anyway, Justin was talking about comfort zones and how Jonah was called out of his comfort zone. And it made my wheels start spinning.

Sunday was also our 3rd "Gotcha Day" for Xander. It was the day that we were able to meet him three years ago and I started thinking about how far out of my comfort zone I've come.

Sure, we had read extensively about transracial adoption and spoken with other couples that had transracially adopted. But I don't think anyone is fully prepared though until they begin to live it.

I don't think I realized how many times I'd end up the walking billboard for transracial adoption. I mean, sometimes I just really want to buy my groceries and get home. Or I just want to take my child to the doctor and have him treated and bring him home. Some days I want to stomp my feet and say, "I don't have time for this right now!!!!"

I try to remember that some people are just curious. Others are seeking their own path towards an adoption.

But some comments are downright ugly. Like the time a person walked up to me to tell me that she didn't agree with abortion, but thought adoption was always wrong too. I was speechless. I mean, what do you say to that when you are in the produce aisle picking out apples? I told her I was sorry. *shrug*

Or the time someone saw me out shopping and asked me how many "Babydaddies" I have. That day my humor was fully intact and I tipped my head to the side and responded "Three.. and two 'babymamas' too." *smile*

Stepping out of our comfort zone, tore part of our extended family apart. We bucked tradition and parts of our family bucked back. Do I wish it could be different? You bet. But do I regret following God when He called us? Not for a single second!

Other times, because we have transracially adopted, we have had incredible opportunities to share our story and how God has worked in our lives. We've shared our faith. We've been able to breathe hope onto hurting couples. We've been able to pray with others and I frequently will remember various people that have asked us about adoption and pray for them when they are put on my heart. I'm not so sure we'd be approached as many times if it wasn't as obvious that we had adopted.

The positive interactions have far outweighed the negative ones!

Our adoption has been an incredible journey. One I'm so incredibly thankful that we were able to take. Some days when I think back about it all, I can only manage to cry tears of thankfulness.

Happy 3rd Gotcha Day, Xander! We are still as excited about you this Gotcha Day as we were on the very first one!

So that is my story of stepping out of my comfort zone, have you stepped out of yours? Tell me about it!


Erika said...

Ugh!! I can't believe the questions/comments you get! People are so clueless! Happy Gotcha Day to yall, though...and I have no doubt you will be a great resource for me if/when we transracially adopt! Just prepare yourself! :)

Our Adoption Journey to Eastern Europe said...

Good to see a post from you-praying all is well with your tiny one!

I don't have a story to share yet...we're still walking it but can't wait to be on the other side if and and to share how God has been through every part of the journey with us!