Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Look What's "Cooking" During Finals Week!

I have nearly survived an 8 week term with three college classes, y'all!

I have alot to catch you up on (a blog move and relaunch and reformatting, therapy updates for Xander and Solomon, a video house tour of part of our downstairs with more to come soon, a "how cool is God to interweave a few of my social circles together in a blink" story, some house updates, and even some what is working for me in this busy season for organization and homeschooling coming ahead!)

I even got a new camera so we don't have to rely on my iPhone for pictures!

I really should be working on a 10 page paper I have due on Friday (!!!!) that counts as 1/3 of my grade (!!!!)  Pray for me... I barely have an A and need 273 of 300 points in order to keep said A.


I just have to share this.  It's the first draft of our potential kitchen upgrade/reno that a friend sent to me!  We are tweaking and weighing options.  But I'm incredibly excited!

Pet it with me and coo at it.  "Pretty kitchen, smart kitchen, purrr, purr, purrrr!" 

~Stephanie, who loves exclamation points!

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