Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Blur...

Some days, I lay in bed and try so very hard to remember what I accomplished during the day.

It's all a blur.  I live in fast forward currently. 

Here is a brief run down of what's been going on in our world.  I managed to remember these things while I was on hold with a medical office this morning.  (ALWAYS MULTITASKING!)

- We have planned our Anniversary trip.  We will be returning to Disney--- ALONE*.  (Ahem, anyone shocked?)

- Xander should graduate from speech this Wednesday. His beloved, Mrs. Megan has done an AMAZING job with him.  Between Megan and Xander's occupational therapist and Solomon's speech therapist, we have the dream team, y'all!  I'm looking forward to slowing down a bit.

- Solomon has an appointment with the ENT to see if there are any physical reasons that his speech hasn't recovered from the croup episode this past February.  He's been in twice weekly speech but we just need to make sure we look from all angles, just in case.

- I've started transforming the doors in our house from white to "black."  Black is in quotations because it isn't really black exactly.  It's graphite and tricks your eye into seeing "black" when it is next to white trim.  I have several inspiration pictures on my Pinterest board and finally worked up the nerve to try it on the inside of the half bathroom door.  Love it!

- Brandon's company has increased their adoption benefit for employees.  In addition to the six (!!!) paid weeks off he will get, they doubled their reimbursement rate from $5K per adoption to $10K per adoption starting in in January 2014.  We've been praying over a little #6 and this seemed to be some confirmation that this is His timing.

- Then I emailed our amazing social worker at the adoption agency we know and love and things have changed there in our favor too. (Anyone still doubt that God's fingerprints are all over adoptions?)  So I did what any normal (list making) person would do and sat down and made a dream list of things to accomplish during our 4 week break from school (mid-December to mid-January!) You know... because we don't have enough day to day stuff to fill that time. 

- *Speaking of that alone trip for our anniversary, things are subject to change.  But we have taken an infant to Disney before and lived to tell about it.  ;) 

- School is going well.  It's a little odd "only" having two classes this 8 week term (instead of three, which I pulled off with a 4.0, I might add!) but it's getting done.  My reading load is much heavier this term but I am taking an upper level psychology course (personality) and a biblical literature class. 

- I rearranged the livingroom while Brandon was at work.  The arrangement came to me in a dream.  (Seriously, I can't even dream of relaxing things like beaches and massages... I'm ALWAYS thinking about 2-3 things going on in our life.)  We have two doorways, a wall with large windows, and a fireplace.  It's REALLY hard to put enough seating in here to make it make sense.  But in my dream, one of the doorways was gone and we could fit a sectional.  So I did what any sane (haha) person would do and made a faux sectional in our livingroom and blocked the doorway just to see if we could live without that additional door way.  So far, so good.  When I moved the furniture around, I also finally (!!!) finished the white trim on the windows project and deep cleaned.  Oh! And we finally got the light switches swapped out.  We have white switches AND white switch covers (in this room!)  Moving on up....  

- We are also slowly tackling some landscaping for our yard.  This spring and summer we just let things grow.  We had no idea what The Flintstones had planted in every bed.  And here is the truth... a lot of what is planted is higher maintenance  than what we can deal with.  According to some of our neighbors, Mrs. Flintstone gardened every day without exception.  Some of it isn't our style.  So we'll be working on taking some things out and simplifying what remains.  

There.. I think I'm mostly caught up, for now. 


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