Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Different Kind of Birthday...

Sunday we experienced a different kind of birthday. DeLainey came to her daddy and told him that she believes that Jesus is in her heart.

Brandon talked with her for a bit about what she believes and then they prayed together.

And then he announced to our family that Lainey is a Believer and welcomed her into our spiritual family!

The official date of DeLainey's spiritual birthday is January 30th, 2011, exactly one week before her 8th birthday.

My hands shook as I typed my Facebook announcement. And one of my friends left a comment that spelled out what my heart was feeling oh so well. Her comment was a direct quote from the Bible...

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth." ~3 John 1:4

Brandon will be placing a call to the church we are in the process of joining and letting them know. Wanna hear another tidbit that makes me giddy!? Our church has fathers baptize their own children. Oh what a precious memory that will be!


Jennifer said...

So special, Praise the Lord! Tell her "happy birthday!" for me!
JenK from MOMYS

Tracy said...

Praise the Lord!! Welcome to the family of God, Lainey. May the Lord continue to draw you near as you learn to seek Him and walk with Him each day.

Rejoicing with your family!!

My dh baptized our oldest and it was the most precious event. So glad your church family encourages that as well. :)