Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Disney Trip Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Sorry, this is taking me longer than I thought it would-- I should have taken better notes when we were there! Lesson learned for next time!

In the middle of the night, Brandon and I woke up star-ving! We polished off a cup of fruit that we had in the fridge in mere seconds and washed it down with the drinks in our mugs. Oink, Oink...
The next morning, we got up and got everyone dressed. Then we went down to the Intermission cafeteria. I sat at the table with the children as they ate their fruit cups and nursed Solomon while Brandon got our breakfast. We had the All Star Breakfast.

Then we quickly boarded a bus to the Magic Kingdom-- our system was working! Brandon and the girls were in awe when we went through the Main Gates. I don't think he believed me when I tried to explain how Disney does everything up. It was chilly but we made the best of it we could. I'd rather be cold in Disney than cold in Virginia! We got some pictures taken on Main Street by the Photopass folks and made our way to the Hall of Presidents.

On the way, we saw Cinderella's Castle and my girls were just IN LOVE with it. Julianne (4) is in love with all things Tinkerbell and thought Tink should have her own castle. So she kept asking us where Tinkerbell lived. When we arrived at the Hall of Presidents we were in between showings but I was just happy to be in from the wind. We were going to watch a show, but Solomon got fussy.. so I nursed him and then he settled in so we decided to head back out. My husband didn't seem super thrilled about seeing the Hall of Presidents so we moved on.

We went to Country Bear Jamboree and everyone enjoyed it. Then we tried to go see Aladdin and Jasmine. DeLainey thought it was funny that Jasmine's tummy was all covered up (like I said, it was cold.) We weren't there in time to get in line, so I told the girls we would come back another time.

They saw the Magic Carpet Ride and really wanted to ride, so we did. All of us rode since another castmember told my husband that babies ride all the time. (I knew there was no height restriction but wanted to make sure.) The castmember kept telling me to hold on tight to Solomon... But I, of course, all ready knew that. She kept acting kind of shocked that we were going to take him on, but it was fine. I held onto him tightly and he seemed to like the motion. Now my daughter on the other hand kept pushing the buttons to go uppppppppppppppppp and dooooooooooooooooooown and upppppppppppppppp and downnnnnnnnnnnn... I started to feel a little sick, but the ride finished just in the nick of time. Teaching this one to drive, is her Daddy's job.. I can't imagine doing it!

By this time, the tribe was starting to get antsy for some food, so we headed to Pecos Bills. We say Davy Donald Duck and since Donald is my husband's favorite character we got in line for pictures. Xander wasn't too sure about the big Duck but he seemed to go along with it. When we got to Pecos Bill's it was packed. I found a kiosk but it was broken, so we found another one and I entered the food order in. Brandon and I both ordered the Deluxe 1/3 lb Angus Cheeseburger and we ordered hamburgers for the girls. I handed the ticket to Brandon and went with the children to get a seat. We had to sit wayyyy in the back in a diningroom to the side. By the time my husband got though the line to pick up food they had set our food trays in the cooler and everything was cold. Brandon told the castmember that our food was cold to the touch and it was unacceptable so they remade our food. In all honesty, our food wasn't exactly piping hot when we ate it so I see how it got cold so quickly. This wasn't anywhere near the best food we had on our trip. The bun on my burger was hard and dry, the meat was dry and my onion rings that came on my burger were very brown. We added a good bit of condiments to our sandwiches and it was barely tolerable. I picked at my burger but ate my fries. Brandon said that his food was "alright." He liked the nacho cheese being on the bar and he dipped his fries in it. We were sitting by a very stinky trashcan and that was a bummer. Overall, I don't think we'd be eager to return to that restaurant.

When we left Pecos Bill's we rode the Walt Disney World Railroad. Xander fell asleep in Brandon's arms and Solomon fell asleep in my arms. So we rode the complete trip and then got off on the ToonTown Fair stop.
(The best I could do on a moving train with a sleeping child on my chest. Forgive my horrible photography!)

We went into the Judge's Tent then the Toontown Hall of Fame Tent. I have such special memories of these two places. As we walked through the Judge's Tent I explained the Hidden Mickeys to Lainey. She thought that was just so neat! Then, Minnie and Mickey were great with our kiddos. Lainey asked Mickey "Do you remember me from yesterday?" And Mickey shook his head up and down signaling yes. That made her day! We got a family picture.

Next up was the ToonTown Hall of Fame Tent. We chose to do the Princess side instead of the Fairies because the sign said that Fairies had a wait twice as long as Princesses. We assured Julianne we would try to get back to see the Fairies.

The princesses... oh my.. where do I start? They were WONDERFUL with the girls. At first Julianne was very shy... it was almost as if she couldn't believe her eyes.Daddy had to help talk to the princesses for Julianne. Lainey took right to them and had something to tell each one. She talked about the airplane ride with Cinderella. Cindy said she'd never been on an airplane. Lainey was almost racing to get through all the stations to get to Belle. She wanted to tell Belle that she reads books too! (Reading was a real struggle for Lainey last year but she has taken off.) *sniff, sniff* She even told Belle that she reads the Beauty and the Beast Storybook sometimes. Belle said she couldn't really imagine books about herself but said that she thought it was really neat that Lainey was reading so well. The girls continued to talk about meeting the princesses for days and days after their meet and greet.. in fact they still do!
(Most of my pictures are blurry so I'll wait and put up our Photopass pictures of this part.)
We saw Mickey's Country House. And then we walked over to Donald's Boat. There was no water but Brandon asked me to take a picture by the door.

The girls thought that the Alice topiary (?) was so neat and asked for us to take a picture.

We headed to Sleepy Hollow so we could sit down for a bit and get a snack. We used two snack credits and got two funnel cakes. We found a nice little place to the side with tables and benches and enjoyed the quiet. Then we went to the Main Street Bakery and picked up cinnamon buns to take back to our room. They were HUGE.
We took the bus back to the resort and lightened our load considerably. We put Solomon in a warm sleeper and headed back out. We got back on the bus and rode back to Magic Kingdom. Then we got on the bus to Coronado Springs so we could eat at Peppermarket.

Peppermarket was a wonderful meal. I went and picked meals for the girls. They both had asked for pizza. While I was up getting their food, I looked around and decided I wanted fajitas. When I got back to the table, I told Brandon and he went to pick up our meals while I got the children settled. Here are my fajitas.

He ended up getting a burrito and a side of black beans.

Then when I got done I went to pick my dessert and he went to pick his. I'm not a big sweets eater so my dessert was split between the girls. I had Chocolate Layered Cake. But Brandon enjoyed every bite of his Oreo Cake.

We almost felt like we were "cheating" on the quick service dining plan since a server refilled our drinks and we had real silverware instead of plasticware.

Then we took the bus back to the Magic Kingdom and rode the monorail to the Grand Floridian so we could see the Gingerbread House.Then we headed back to the resort for the night


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