Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Downhill Slide..

Saturday night, I was on top of the world. I was determined that we were going to attend church. I desperately needed to be among God's people, in His house, and soak up His word. I have no idea how we lived here 2+ years before finding a church home.

I had barely made it a month.

So I set clothes out, packed diaper bags and went to bed early. I prayed for all distractions and hindrances to move out of the way.

And then I was woken up at 4 am. Nothing was wrong, but I couldn't sleep. I had the most energy I've had in months. I could barely contain myself.

So I blogged. And then I got up and took a shower. And straightened my hair for the first time in so long I lost count!

We went to church and it felt SO good. We were so touched by how many said they missed us and asked how Xander was doing.

I shared how we figured out the Prevacid and had had the best day in a long time just the day before. So many were so happy for us.

And then when I went to pick him up from the nursery we were told that he had two loose diapers.


He was much fussier than he had been at lunch. Brandon and I exchanged worried looks and we both held our breath but his diapers were fine for the rest of the day.

The next morning, he had diarrhea.

And this evening I've changed several diarrhea diapers. *sigh*

After phoning our doctors, we are doing another Cdiff test tomorrow. *sigh* Another clear test would mean that we are dealing with something else. A clear test would mean that this is time for his endoscopy and sigmoidoscopy.

A positive cdiff test means that we put him back on antibiotics and depending how far it has gotten, we may be readmitted. *eeks*

We'll be waiting for those results with baited breath. Either way, something has to give for our guy. SOMETHING has to change for him.

Please pray for wisdom and strength. I can feel the panic starting to rise up within me again.

It was nice feeling normal for Saturday and part of Sunday, but once again I'm reminded just how much things have changed for us. What a cold slap of reality that was.


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Heather (iceangel) said...

I was just chekcing in...fully expecting good news. *sigh* We'll keep praying, Stephanie!