Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Mommy? No More Geaming, okay?"

Today was beautiful and in the upper 60's and lower 70's so we had to get out of the house. (In comparison, it snowed on Sunday and took until Wednesday before we could see our grass again!)
We ran a variety of errands and then ended up at Bass Pro Shop. Xander could happily live in Bass Pro Shop. He loves everything about it. I'm always so amazed as I watch him, how much a... boy.. he really is. I mean, he has two big sisters! But he's always been this way. Anything that goes has always been his favorite: Airplanes, boats, trucks, whatever.
First we stopped at the huge fish tank. And he squealed with delight as each of the fish passed by our stroller. Solomon had a look of quiet fear on his face. He was watching those fish to make sure they weren't coming after him. But Xander? He squealed with delight each time one darted across the large tank.
Lainey had fun trying to match each fish to the poster listing the types of fish in the tank. She taught her sister that there wasn't a swordfish in the tank. That fish was a gar.
Then we walked around a bit and made another stop by the tank. Xander was so upset as we started pushing the stroller towards the door. "F-shhhhhhhhhhhhh!" he yelled as he kicked his feet in the stroller.
And then, we did his favorite thing ever. We let him sit on the 4 wheeler. He loved it. I struggled to stay in the moment because I kept seeing a teenaged Xander ready to go on a ride with me calling out to him to please wear his helmet! My baby is growing up so quickly!
He also sat in a boat. Vroom, vroom he said as he turned the steering wheel. He's never been on the water, but he sure knows what it is supposed to do!
Afterwards, we stopped by a model home. I schlepped all the kids in (after trying to stay in the van) and we took a look around. And then I took the children back to the car while Brandon stood talking to the sales agent.
And it happened. I looked down and there was a BUG on my arm.
I started screaming and waving my arms around. Lainey and Julianne asked what was wrong, Solomon started crying and Xander gave me a hateful "What on earth!?!!" look as he sucked his thumb.
And I finally knocked it off.
But it landed in my purse!
So I grabbed my bright pink Vera Bradley purse and carried it arm extended to Brandon. He saw me through the glass door and came outside asking if everything was okay.
I insisted that he MUST get the bug out of my purse and without skipping a beat, he pulled out my calendar and swiped the bug on the ground and then threw the calendar back into the purse and handed it back to me. He did all this while continuing his conversation with the sales rep.
I marched back to the van and got in. As I was buckling my seatbelt, I heard a tiny voice from the backseat.
"Mommy? No more geaming (screaming), okay?"
Yes, dear.
PS: We are hoping to hear the results of Xander's cdiff testing tomorrow (Friday). I really don't want to wait through the weekend. Will you pray with us that we get those results back tomorrow? Thanks!


Jenny said...

Ack! That sounds like me with spiders. Awful, nasty, hateful things!! I don't mind bugs, though, as long as they don't surprise me!
Praying for Xander's test results...

Heather (iceangel) said...

Move to Alaska! No bugs here!