Monday, July 16, 2012

34 Weeks and Chugging Along...

Last week, I had a big ultrasound because my records had not been sent over from OB #2... sigh... and so Dr. S wanted his ultrasound tech to do a looksie. 

Everything looks good.  No previa, baby head down (but laying in a capital L all on my right side), placenta looks good etc.  They estimated his weight at 6 lbs (which can be +/- 1 lb.) 

Last night, friends from church threw an amazing baby shower for us.  I didn't take any pictures but one of the girls that threw it did so I'll post pictures when I get them.  I was so touched and blessed that even baby #5 was celebrated.  I held back tears most of the night. 

Today, I went in for my week #34 appt and Isaiah is still laying in his L.  I was a bit dehydrated but promised to drink up and Dr. S let me go instead of getting fluids.  Gotta love that he trusts me at least that much. 

We talked some birth plan stuff and officially decided which hospital we are going to deliver at.  (Dr. S delivers at three.. so I had my pick.)  We are delivering at the one closest to us, our friends and our church.  Today we drove to the hospital (that we have never been inside) asked some questions about which way to enter during business hours and night time.  (I've had two night-time admission babies and so that is a very important thing for me to ask!)  And I pre-registered so hopefully everything will go smoothly.  *fingers crossed*

Looks like ol' Webster worked out for me as far as getting Isaiah head down!  I've had zinging back spasms going up my spinal cord for the last few days, so I'm eager to get to the chiropractor this afternoon.  I believe something is pinched and being adjusted always makes me feel better. 

Just a few more things on my nesting list.  Between the Craigslisting for the move, packing things that we don't need out right now for the move and the extreme cleaning, the Bunch is getting a little nervous.  I like to keep them on their toes. ;) 


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