Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Webster Adventures with Isaiah...

So I've been to my chiropractor twice.  Both times I felt much better when I left.

The first try was on Friday.  I was very out of alignment and could barely walk.  The insides of my legs had the worst searing pain.  At the end of being adjusted that had already disappeared.  While Brandon and Xander were being adjusted, my belly completely changed shape and the movement I was feeling was right in the middle.  Su-weet!  But it felt too easy... 

I arranged to go back on Monday.  I thought Isaiah was still in the middle but could feel a catch in my hip so Dr. H did alot of hipwork for me and again I was walking better when I left.

BUT, last night as things quieted down and I started paying more attention, I realized that the movement was mostly on my right again.  And this morning it is further to my right.  My belly shape has changed back. 


I have an ultrasound tomorrow and we will see what is going on.  There could be a reason he prefers this position.  Then Monday, I have an OB appt and then back to the chiropractor. 

Seeing the chiropractor surely can't hurt even if Isaiah won't stay head down. 

Now.. to work on my iron which doesn't surprise me a bit.  I've not been crazy about meat, especially red meat in this heat, so it's not a shocker. Usually red meat is how I manipulate my iron which is usually borderline at best due to my blood disorder. 

I see a steak in my future. :)



Amy said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that you are feeling better. Chiropractic will help no matter how he wants to lay, but as I've told you, I've had 2 that turned last minute at 40 weeks! (and one was nearly 9 lbs LOL)

hsmominmo said...

seeing a good chiro will help no matter what. still time for baby to get properly settled!