Friday, November 2, 2012

A New Possibility...

So, yesterday we had a big appointment and Brandon and I were rather shocked at what we heard.

Our records had not made it from the previous neuropsychologist so we had to start from scratch and as we hit the highlights of his medical history, the new doctor said she isn't sure that she agrees with the PDD-NOS diagnosis. 

She does agree with the ADHD. 

Instead she says it is a possibility that Xander suffers from severe anxiety and possibly PTSD (from his food struggles and the two hospitalizations.)  This is a possibility that we had never thought of and that had not been brought to our attention previously.  (Really, who just comes up with PTSD for a three year old, without someone else mentioning it first.)

She said she will have to look through his testing records and visit with him a bit more, but she really thinks that this is a possibility.

She did change his medicine to try and help him sleep more and better.  So far, we have seen a drastic improvement there. 

We see her again in 2 weeks.  We are praying for wisdom and guidance, would you join us?


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