Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pictures and Prayers

We've been having a blast shifting everything back to a more "normal" schedule. 

Brandon and I have always despised the typical 8-5 grind.  When we were engaged, we chose to work a "weekend wrap" which meant that we worked Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.  (Yes, we worked for the same company.  We've worked for 3 different companies together!) 

This schedule gave us the chill environment of the office on the weekends, better pay (known as shift diff or differential), and we got THREE days of casual clothing standards.  On Monday everything changed back to the straight and narrow. 

We also chose to work 2nd shifts.  Neither of us have ever been morning people and again, it paid more.

We kept some semblance of that schedule for the last 9 years. When we became homeschoolers it became even easier to live in our alternate universe. 

And then Isaiah came. 

zzzzzzzzzzrppppppppppppppppp!   *record stops* 

No really, it wasn't just him. 

*coos* It's not you baby, it's me...

and Daddy...

and your brothers...

and sisters! 

A few things changed and suddenly 1st shifts were looking mighty fine.  Brandon trained on 1st shift for his new job and we found our groove.  Then he moved to second shift and we were all a little bummed.

So when he was offered firsts back, we jumped. 

And we love it! 

Another plus of his new job is that he has off on weekends.  He works a Saturday every 5-6 weeks.  Score!

All that to explain that we got to attend an event this past Saturday. 

Here are some pictures:

First: We ate!  Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chips, soda and desserts! (Julianne was pleased that there was a cafeteria set up.  She thinks those are so fun! )

We played games:

We picked Pumpkins!
Xander, Solomon and DeLainey played in various bounce houses.  (Julianne is terrified!)

Some of us just looked around and looked cute doing it! 

We have a big, BIG appointment on Thursday... would you pray that our concerns are heard?  We appreciate every prayer that goes up on our behalf!


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Debbie Fitts said...

Great post! Love all the pictures. You littlest man looks just like you in that picture!