Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy!

Ahhh... It's here, Soli-boy-- Your first birthday! This year has been a blast and a blur. And every morning, I pinch myself because I still feel like I'm in a dream!

You, my dear sweet boy, have been the easiest Bee Baby yet! You are so laid back and happy. You laugh and smile easily, go with the flow and in general are just so mellow. You are the longest "mama holdout" too. You still prefer mama to daddy although I cherish each moment that you prefer me because I know soon the pendelum is going to swing towards Daddy hard! Then I'll only be good enough if you are hungry or hurt, if Daddy is home.

But I'll always get to brag that you are the first Baby Bee to say "Mama" before "Dada." Attaboy!

All of us are shocked when we compare how much you look like your big sister, Julianne. She is thrilled that you look so much like her. Although she says that your hair is "totally, totally differwent!" *giggle*

Lainey loves to help me feed you baby food even though she says she has "No idea!" how you can stomach your veggies mixed with your fruits. We whisper that when you are around because you think you don't like veggies, my dear. Yup... Mama has tricked you but it is for you own good.

Xander loves to bring you toys and pat your head. One day you'll be best friends and thick as thieves. We often joke around about how much mischief you'll get into together. Oh the stories I'm sure I'll get to tell!

I love to hear you clap when we get excited about something. Know that I'll always be in your corner clapping for you! I pray special blessings over you. I pray you grow up to be a wonderful man. If you are half the man that your Daddy is, you'll make a young lady very happy one day. You are SO much like your Daddy, sometimes I make sure that there isn't a cord attaching you to him.

I pray you continue to show such amazing patience, that you always laugh and smile easily and that you always have a place in your heart for your family... especially your Mama!

I've loved learning your habits and your likes and dislikes. Can't wait to see who you turn into!



Our Peculiar Lives said...

Happy Birthday to your little Solomon!

Grace said...

Happy Birthday Solomon!!! What a precious little man you are!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday little man! :D

Kristina said...

Happy Birthday Solomon!!