Thursday, June 2, 2011

Homestudy Part 2: The Home Visit

So I shared how we couldn't go to the National Zoo and Lancaster for Memorial Day weekend. Shortly after we told the girls (and all three of us starting crying) I went into my bedroom and shut the door. I needed alone time. I needed to pray to the One that knows my inner most thoughts. I prayed and told him how disappointed I was. How much I hate to let people down. How frustrating it was to plan a great trip only to cancel. I cried. And as I walked into the master bathroom to splash some water on my face, it hit me. If we moved the money from our weekend getaway fund to our homestudy, we could move up our 2nd appointment and possibly get it done this week.

So I came into the livingroom and mentioned it to Brandon. He raised his eyebrows in a way that said "Oh really? I'm not sure that is possible." And I got started.

I first emailed our social worker. It was after the office closed on Thursday but I tried anyway. Then I tried to call her office. Her voicemail was not accepting new messages.

Friday I called back. I was told she was off for the holiday and wouldn't be back until Wednesday. (Wednesday was also the day I was trying to move our appointment to!) The receptionist asked if I'd like her voicemail. I told her it was full. She put me on hold and dialed it and then came back and told me it was working and asked me again if I wanted to leave a voicemail. I said sure and whataya know! It was full. *sigh*

Monday was the holiday.

Tuesday, I called again.. the voicemail was still not accepting messages. Tuesday was Solomon's birthday, the girls had their physicals done and that afternoon we had had our carpets cleaned. Things were a bit out of place due to moving as many things as we could off of the floor. In faith, we straightened up a bit.

Wednesday morning, we finally got through and we were able to make an appointment for 1:30! Totally God. I saw her appointment book at our previous appointment. After some last minute touches and filling out a form that was still needed, we were done at 1:33. She called at 1:35 thinking she wrote our apartment number down wrong (she was on the other side of the building.)

So our second meeting of our homestudy was completed. We also found out that the paper that got hung up in Georgia last time doesn't have to be done! All we have left is the remaining four physicals. Our references will be returning their forms as well. She is in the process of drafting our homestudy as she waits for these last few straggler forms.


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