Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

While this Thanksgiving isn't what we pictured just a few short months ago, I still have a lot to be thankful for.

A- Annalise: She taught me that we are willing to jump whatever hoops it takes for our children. Even if it doesn't work out the way we hoped, Brandon and I jumped and were willing to continue. She opened our eyes to more special needs.

B- Brandon: I am super blessed with a loving husband that extends grace on a regular basis. He knows exactly how to keep me together and somewhat sane. ;)

C- Christ: Years later, I'm still astonished that Jesus Christ died for little ol' me.

D- DeLainey: The one who made me a Mama at nineteen years old. I wasn't sure I was able to be a mom-- or a single mom. But she gave me the strength to persevere a lot and made me realize how strong I could really be.

E- Egg Drop Soup: My old faithful, comfort food. Yum!

F- Friends: I have the best friends a girl could ask for. I'm blessed with old friends that I've reconnected with, long term friends and new friends.

G- Gloria Jean's Hazelnut Coffee: My favorite brew in our new Keurig. The appliance was supposed to be Brandon's new toy but we use it about equally.

H- Homeschooling: I am thankful everyday that homeschooling is legal in the United States. It has been a huge blessing witnessing my children learn and I'm thankful that they are getting a Christian education.

I- Internet: I have no idea what I would do without the internet. If I had to guess, I'd approximate that I google about 10 things a day. I use the internet to glean ideas, stay in touch and research tons of things.

J- Julianne: We ached for a baby together and finally our deepest desire was granted. The pregnancy was very rough and I spent several months on bedrest and many hours in various medical offices for the different specialists that helped keep us safe. She was worth it all.

K- (Auntie) Karon: Auntie Karon has played a major role in my life. She started out as my mother's best friend but over the years she has really become more of a mother to me. She is one of my best friends, one of my confidantes, and fills a grandmotherly role in my children's lives.

L- Life: I've had a few scares in the past that leave me always thankful for my life and good health.

M- MOMYS: Mothers of Many Young Siblings. These ladies are the sweetest, nicest group of women. They regularly remind me to put on my big girl panties and try again. I've gleaned such amazing answers to logistical problems from them and they are the ones that were my cheerleaders for nursing Solomon.

N- Natalie: Our new babysitter. We got a date night for the first time in... um... forever! We didn't scare her off with our four children and is willing to return. Score one for Ma and Pa!

O- Ovulation: It isn't a given in my life. 'nuff said!

P- Prayer: I'm thankful that I can pray no matter where I am. Sometimes I pray aloud, and sometimes I pray silently. Sometimes I pray a long prayer and sometimes I pray one word requests ("Help!") But God is always there.

Q- Quilts: I had a grand idea to use some of Brandon's old dress shirts to make quilts and my Auntie Karon made it happen. The children love snuggling under theirs and I love mine too.

R- Richmond: A place that tested my patience for quite sometime. But once I got past the rough spots, I fell in love. Right now I can't imagine living anywhere else. But I've also learned to never say never.

S- Solomon: Our laid back, observant "bonus" baby boy. He still prefers mama and is pretty stubborn and vocal about it. It's very funny coming from such a laid back fellow.

T- Tools: I used a power tool for the first time yesterday and I had no idea I'd love it as much as I did! Lookout world!

U- Umbrellas: Whoever thought that up, is a genius in my eyes. I hate getting rained on!

V- Vacation: We've been on three vacations in the last 12 months. We made amazing memories and enjoyed spending time together. 2012 has no vacations on the docket. :(

W- Women's Bible Study: I learn so much every time I go (even if I haven't read my assignment.. ahem!) I've gotten to know the women in my new church at a deeper level through our study.

X- Xander: My first son. My *very* busy toddler with the cheesiest smile I've ever seen. Our adoption that went so smoothly that there isn't a way to explain it, other than to say that God's fingerprints were all over the process.

Y- Yes ma'ams: There is very little that can make my heart melt like a well timed yes ma'am. Xander has finally gotten the hang of ma'ams-- everything was sir!

Z- Zany jokes: I think I'd heard every Laffy Taffy joke and Knock Knock joke out there. But I love the laughter that ensues. I vowed that my children would grow up with laughter in their home and so far, so good!

Thankful for Him,


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Erika said...

Love this, Steph!! Such a nice variety of things, too. :) And now I will go drink some of the aforementioned Gloria Jean's from my parents' Keurig... :)