Thursday, December 20, 2012


Knowing I have five children, maybe that title scared you.  LOL! 

Anyway, I could write a long whiny post on any number of things going on right now (the house hunt from hell, being jerked around by the school system, how half of our belongings are still boxed because I am as stupid optimist and we thought we'd be a house but I won't.  Oh oops.. a little bitter spilled out there.

Anyway... I thought I would blog about my favorites.

My favorite moment in the last week:

Xander had a speech evaluation by the school system.. (blah blah blah..refraining from rehashing more nonsense here...)  ANYWAY.  They tested his articulation (poor but we knew that from our private testing too.  He drops letters in all positions of his words.) Then they tested his vocabulary. 

Brandon observed while texting me.  (I was home with the other four.)  He said that the test seemed very, very long. 

He asked the speech pathologist how the vocabulary test went once it was over.  She looked up from her papers and said, "I stopped testing him at the 2nd grade level but he truly didn't miss enough for me to stop.  I figured that would tell us enough."

Brandon sent me a text saying they stopped at 2nd grade.  Confused, I reminded him our oldest son is three.  I asked him if he meant the TWO YEAR old level.

No.. 2nd grade.  So his vocabulary level is at least 2nd grade.

I beamed for the rest of the day.  And not because of some crazy score.  When I had time to dig deeper I realized that it was a sense of feeling justified. 

You see, I go to these meetings where I hear the most ludicrous reasons why we are struggling with Xander and our parenting and school choices have come under fire on more than one occasion. 

"You homeschool your older children?  Well.. then you MUST lack structure.  By the way, Mrs. B, do you have a degree in elementary education?"  (NOTE: A degree is NOT required to homeschool in the state of Virginia.) 

The childish part of me wants to stick out my tongue and tell them that surely I must be doing something right.  The mature part of me tells me that what they think doesn't really matter in the long run.  Audience of One, Steph.. audience of One. 


Xander has once again proven that God can do anything in our lives.  I was once "warned" that he may not ever talk. 


2nd grade...

My favorite picture from this week:

Checking each other out? 

Or a mischief plotting session?

My favorite thing a kiddo said: 

Julianne TOTALLY butchered the word "triscuits."  It sounded like "Bwi-sticks."  Finally I asked her to describe them.  Once I figured out what she was asking for, I marked her down as completing a "descriptive project" in Language Arts. 

What?  You never had an assignment to describe something while your partner had to guess the objects? 


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