Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wacky Wednesday: A Mish Mash Mini Update

Today the children and I enjoyed a very mismatched lunch trying to finish up the last of some leftovers. 

So I'll continue the theme. 

Here are some mini-updates so I can tie up some loose ends. 

1.  Our bid was countered with a completely ludicrous price.  I mean, we offered full listing.  What was lost in communication was that the bank doing the short sale hadn't approved the list price.  Would have been nice to know that ohh.. 30 days ago.

Our buyer's agent agreement expired and we changed realtors.  We've gotten quite aggressive with our hunting and scheduling house showing.  Two more this Saturday but from the outside I have a favorite!

2.  Xander is sleeping again.  Most of his sleep is in our bed.. but whatever.  I'll share my king sized bed and let him snuggle.  I'm happy to be catching up on my sleep. 

3.  We are not putting up our huge tree with breakable ornaments this year.  Three, three and under and one that can scale a gate in ohhh 2 seconds flat?  Uh uh.  I have a trick up my sleeve. 

4.  I went shopping for myself ALONE for the first time in years.  I mean, I was on the couch but I shopped without input and not buy just looking at clearance and sorting the price to show lowest first.  I read a fashion book and made a little list and have been slowly choosing things for my wardrobe.  Why has it been so long?  I've been unhappy with my weight then pregnant/nursing. Being unhappy with my weight has created a ridiculous cycle of not wanting to dress better... back to not being happy with my weight. 

It's time.

5.  I am looking forward to the respite program this Saturday and the next.  I've already marked my calendar with all the Saturdays that are respite Saturdays.  I'll try my best not to cry as we pull away this time.  *halfsmile*

6.  A sweet friend of mine has officially announced that they are adopting!

7.   I am a HUGE Carly Rose Sonenclar fan.  She gave me chills in last night's performance!


Erika said...

UGH Steph...I mean, your house-hunting experience is making me feel like I was a total pansy for hating my own so much!!! That is insane! I'm proud of you for picking out some new clothes-- sometimes having some flattering new clothes you like will encourage the opposite of the old cycle!

Cheymelah said...

Stephanie please share the trick that you have up your sleeve for the Christmas Tree!!!!! I have 3, 3 and under too!