Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let the List Making Begin...

Who are we really kidding here though?  You know I had a list going when we put in an offer on the house, right? 

"Hi, I'm Stephanie, and I'm a compulsive list maker extraordinaire.  And I know I'm in good company!"
NOTE:   There is no way this whole list will be accomplished immediately. It will probably take forever.  After all, we have five children, a single income and not a ton of "spare time."  We love our house.  However, the previous owners lived here for 33 years.  And their taste is not the same as ours.  ;)
To organize the list, I'll post it by floor then the room.
  • Identify the plants that we have. 
  • Move the plants that are too close to the house
  • Get a quote for fencing in the backyard.
  • Consider adding plants for more privacy.
  • Stain the deck  
  • Buy patio furniture for the amazing deck 
  • Buy rocking chairs for the front porch
Entry Way
  • Paint the walls/trim
  • Remove the bolted down runner on the stairs
  • Paint or re-stain the stairs and handrail
  • Remove door from entry way to kitchen.

Living Room:
  • Remove curtains
  • Have electrician come look at the wiring.
  • Paint walls/trim/crown molding
  • Remove the door to the kitchen.
  • Consider painting the fireplace/mantle
  • Window Treatment
  • Furniture
Half Bathroom:
  • Redo Vanity (paint?) and hardware
  • Counters
  • Remove border
  • Change fixtures
  • Paint
  • Frame Mirror
  • Change Light Fixture
Extra Room:
  • Decide on it's use
  • Remove Border
  • Paint walls/trim
  • Stain cabinets
  • Decide what to do about the backsplash
  • Change light fixtures
  • Need a table for the eat in part
  • Replace stove
  • Replace microwave
  • Replace Dishwasher
  • Have electrician move the  refrigerator outlet (so it can be hidden.)
Dining Room:
  • Paint walls/ trim
  • Remove curtains  
  • Remove door from kitchen to dining room.
  • Add quarter round where it is missing
  • Find suitable dining room table for our large family
  • Change light fixture
Homeschool/Play Room:
  • Remove curtains
  • Figure out layout
  • Set up desks and toy storage
  • Buy Lamp
  • Paint walls and trim


Master Bedroom:
  • Have electrician come look at the wiring
  • Window Treatment
  • Closet organization
  • Furniture
Master Bathroom:
  • Fix shower nozzle
  • Consider working on vanity
  • Change out towel bar
  • Change Light Fixture
  • Clean fan
  • Get an estimate on redo ;)
Hallway Bathroom:
  • Get estimate on changing out the shower/tub
  • Price tiling
  • Ask electrician about combining two light switches
  • Replace fan
  • Price Flooring
  • Paint vanity
  • Frame mirror 
Girls' Room:
  • Remove Carpet
  • Remove Curtains
  • Paint wall/trim
  • Buy Lamp
  • Closet organization
  • Buy dresser
  • Consider painting bunk beds
  • Artwork
  • Window treatments
Boys' Room:
  • Remove carpet
  • Closet organization
  • Price big boy beds
  • Buy lamp
  • Buy dresser
  • Artwork
Extra Room:
  • Remove Carpet
  • Decide on use
  • Remove curtains
Throughout the entire home:

  • Remove the various switch covers and replace for a more uniform look. 
  • Remove the various outlet covers and replace for a more uniform look.
  • Change or paint doorknobs for a more uniform look
  • Install child safety plugs throughout the house.

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Erika said...

WOW- you weren't kidding about there being a lot of unnecessary doors to get rid of! Crazy! I don't envy the work you have cut out for you, but I'm sure you'll blow us away with how you manage to get it done! :)