Saturday, March 2, 2013

Closing Time...

Anyone have a certain Semisonic song stuck in their head after reading my title?  I do.

We FINALLY managed to close on the house.  It was frustrating and I bit my lip all the way up to the end as our times kept getting pushed further and further back. 

Here is a brief run down:

Friday, February 22nd we were supposed to close originally.  We found out on the 21st, that none of the agreed to repairs were done, so we would not be closing the next day.  The sellers scheduled their repair man for February 26th and asked to close on February 27th.  We told them there was no way that the list could be done in one day, but they insisted that their contractor could.  Oh-Kay. 

Tuesday, February 26th, our agent told us that we could ride by the house and see the repairs being done to hopefully give us some peace. Brandon rode by during lunch and the contractor was just arriving and told him that there was no way the work could be done in one day.  After a few heated phone calls, we were told that they would have it done. 

Our agent had a walk through planned for 6:30 that evening with us.  And when we arrived, they were still working.  We were again, assured that the work would be done that night.  They knew we had scheduled our inspector to come and re-inspect the property the next morning.

7am the morning of close, Brandon arrives with the inspector and finds that the work was not completed, and part of what was completed was not done properly.

We were the ones to postpone closing at that point.  We didn't want to close without the repairs done. 

I left to take Isaiah to a two hour allergist appointment.  (More on that later. Sigh.) 

When I was at the appointment I got a call from Brandon and I honestly thought he was pranking me! 

He told me that we didn't have a new time for closing or an exact dollar amount to bring to our closing because the electric pole was hit in front of the mortgage company's office and they couldn't complete our packet because they had no electricity!

Doesn't that just sound ridiculous?  At that point, I started laughing hysterically. 

So we went about our day and fielded constant phone calls between the broker, real estate agent and our attorney's office.

FINALLY, the work was completed at 3:30.  We did another walk through. 

And then, of course the closer for our attorney's office was at another closing. 

We went to the bank and got our certified funds and eventually met the closer at Chick Fil A at 5pm. 

Yes, we closed in a Chick Fil A.  (Most places use mobile closing services here, interesting huh?) 

Then we rushed to Lowe's to buy our appliances and then went back to the rental to finish packing everything.

Around 2am we were done and in bed for the night.  The movers were scheduled to come between 8 and 9 am the next day. 

But we are in.  It's been completely chaotic and exhausting but we are settling in. 

More soon!


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