Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monster University! And the cardiologist

Solomon has a heart murmur that we've heard off and on over the years.  Recently, at his 3 year check up our doctor said that he was old enough now that it was reasonable to have a check up by a cardiologist.  Since we have dealt with heart murmurs we weren't too worried, but he thought it would be prudent to go ahead and have a listen. He also said to let the cardiologist know that we had met our maximum out of pocket for our insurance in case he thought we needed further testing.  Then we could schedule it and have it done this calendar year.

We got in really quickly with the pediatric cardiologist and I was SO pleased with our experience.  He spent quite some time talking to me about how hearing it periodically is actually a good sign (as opposed to hearing it all the time) and he explained to me what can cause it to only be heard some of the time.

He spent some time talking to Solomon and said that he wished his practice was full of three year old boys just like Solomon.  I beamed.  He got TWO stickers from the cardiologist. 

Turns out, that Solomon has a Still's Murmur and it is harmless. Julianne had one too.  We don't have any follow up to do with the cardiologist but he said that sometimes it will be heard on sport's physicals and if that happens, make an appt and he'll take a listen and fill out the paperwork.

Easy Peasy.  I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief.  If you've followed my blog for any length of time, you just know that things that are supposed to be easy are usually... not!

After lunch, we all piled in the van and went to see Monster University 3D with our FREE tickets!

It was a really cute movie and everyone did really well!!!  I was so shocked that the little boys did as well as they did.

They were SO funny about the seats though.

They were both bound and determined to kick back like a recliner, but we had to help them hold their seats open. 

And our three day weekend came to a close.  It was so much fun....


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Erika said...

Yay for such an easy and positive cardiologist appointment!! Love that picture in the movie theater chair...too cute!!