Monday, July 15, 2013

The Gym- A 6 month check in

Brandon and I have steadily been using our gym membership.  I'm so impressed.  This is the longest we have stuck with a gym membership while actually using it!

My weight has fluctuated alot with my illness.  :(  Several weeks of steroids and being told I couldn't work out took a toll, not to mention, I started to stress eat.. again.

At first I was reluctant to return to the gym.  Then I finally did it (with blessing from my medical team) and I was really shocked how well I did when I took the ActivTrax assessment again.  I was fatigued but stayed at the same settings for almost all of my exercises.  I'm trying to think if any of them changed and can't think of any, but don't want to be untruthful.

I've started checking in weight wise and I'm not seeing much progress... but then I'm also having symptoms of low vitamin D again. :(  I should have that level redrawn.  My energy and hair both improved on it.  And it seemed like the weight was melting off. I also haven't been logging all of my food... I should get back to that!

I am feeling much better and am starting to notice some changes in my body.  My arms are more toned, and I feel stronger when I lift children and other things. I sleep better at night when we go to the gym.  My energy level is better and most of all, my stress management is amazingly better! 

I am a bit more balanced now with my gym commitment than I was in the very beginning.  Most of that is because I have other things I really want to get done this summer and I've been spending time on house projects (painting, painting, painting.)  Right now I'm getting Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in with Brandon.  But I should really do something Tuesday-Thursday during the day.  Maybe I should just schedule Wednesday mornings as a regular gym time. 

The staff has always been helpful and polite except for one circumstance that we dealt with recently but that was dealt with swiftly. 

The gym has become a comfortable place for our family.  The children ADORE the childcare workers and really appreciate their time in the kid's zone and Mommy and Daddy greatly appreciate two hours of adult time.  I don't feel as intimidated as I used to when I work out and I have quickly learned my way around the machines.  A few days ago, one of the personal trainers made a comment that I always have really good form and THEY can see how hard I work.  That made me feel good. :) 

We'll see where I am in another 6 months or so.  I'm definitely not where I want to be, but I'm certainly closer than when I began in January.  


Pssst... I actually log my gym time here


Erika said...

I'm proud of you!!! Sounds like you're really turning it into a lifestyle change (and not just a passing trend) and starting to see good results...way to go!!

Melissa said...


I have vit d issues as well. My endocrinologist gave me a super dose, and that has helped tremendously. The shot hurt like crazy, but I feel better!