Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Revere Pewter for the Win!

We finally, finally, finally have completed our first wall paint project here at Casa de Bees.  Revere Pewter was an excellent choice, although I'm not going to lie, I was TERRIFIED when I first started painting the walls.  It looked very, very white and I had a huge sinking feeling in my stomach.

But as it dried, it turned a nice rich color that is anything but white.  I adore this color and have threatened to paint every room this color if we can't pick other colors soon. 

It only took two coats and the ugly khaki yellow color (and Seal in one corner) disappeared! One gallon was just enough paint for the room..

We have a few other things to tackle but this room is coming right along.  We spend the majority of our time in this room and that is why it was high on the priority list.

Sorry I couldn't do some more wide open shots.  I've been trying to take pictures for this post for a few days but the weather (rain, clouds, etc) made the color not show accurately.

So today, I pulled out some things to work on and of course, the sun comes out in our large picture window.  So I seized the opportunity but I had to take tight shots to crop out the mess in my floor.  (Organization projects always make things look worse before better!) 

This is the corner that was Seal.  (The same color as the fireplace.) 

We plan to have built ins on the fireplace wall and we'll be mounting our TV over the fireplace. 

I especially love that the white trim really pops with the Revere Pewter.  (Yes, I still have some trim work to do.  There are miles worth of trim in this house...) 

This is the other wall that we plan to do built ins on.  (Same wall, other side of the fireplace.)

One room painted... feels like a zillion and five more to go. 


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Erika said...

I love it-- especially the lovely contrast between the trim and the walls!! Nicely done!!