Friday, May 18, 2012

Da Nile... or Denial...

I've noticed that I've been a TOTAL slacker in the preparation department here lately.

Some friends and I joke about it. With baby #1, you register as soon as (or maybe even before) you have your big ultrasound appointment. Your carseat gets installed early, baby showers happen early and then you sit around and wait.

With baby #2, everything seems to be pushed back a little. There is a bit less intensity.

With baby #3, you might be ready in time. In our case, we had NO BOY CLOTHES. Our crib was set up and dresser set up with GIRL CLOTHES the weekend before we got our call. We bought a carseat a few days before he was finally discharged from the hospital. (In our defense, our adoption process was super speedy and Xander was already born when we got our call.)

And it seems to get pushed back later and later for each additional child.

It's not a lack of love thing, or a lack of excitement. Maybe it's a life is going 584327329 miles an hour now that we have four, 9 and under, and I just can't quite get around to it yet.

Or maybe not. Maybe I'm in denial. LOL!

You know.. like the time that my suitcase wasn't even packed when I went into labor with Solomon. I had already been admitted to the hospital once for preterm labor, and been put on bedrest and would you know that my bag wasn't even packed when the time came?

So far for Isaiah, I've done two things to prepare for him. I opened our pack and play with the infant insert (yes, I have more than one pack and play.. I actually have three in my possession, though I only own two. *blush*) to see if it fit on the wall between our closet and master bathroom. And we found the cord to the baby swing. (Electric baby swings are the BEST invention ever. Batteries always die in the middle of the night.)

That is it. I've not even pulled out the bins of baby boy clothes. Usually by now I've already bought a coming home outfit, but Gymboree discontinued my favorite little type of outfits and I just haven't seen anything else that I love. Boo.

I really ought to make a list and get busy. But, but, but.... I'm only 26 weeks, so I have plenty of time right?

Or... maybe it is denial. LOL!


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