Wednesday, June 6, 2012

House Chronicles Part 3

We found two more houses to go look at today.

House #7 was a beautiful house but a foreclosure. It had mold/mildew and a large water spot in the ceiling of one of the closets. I really hate the thought of mold/mildew and the hassle of dealing with it, but the yard was the dealbreaker. It was 1+ acres of ravine with a house in the side. Not little kid friendly or usable space. I think there was an erosion problem because there was the dirt barrier things around most of the yard. No go.

House #8 was a modular home down a dirt road. It was at the top of our price range (sigh..) and was a foreclosure. The common areas were all very oddly shaped and very defined which left it feeling choppy. There was a huge shed/garage/carport that was obviously handmade. It looked like a death trap. The yard was large and open but the neighbors were very close for having such a large piece of land. Oh and the access panels to water heater/ac/etc were all busted and had the trim torn off. Not huge in the grand scheme of things but a minor annoyance. The carpet was all very badly stained though and had a thick pile (which is not good for our allergies.) It would need replaced ASAP.

And so we continue looking...



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Erika said...

Ohh girl, I do NOT envy your househunting. Ugh. I mean...haven't the realtors around your area seen House Hunters? Don't they know that's how it's supposed to go? Three houses and you're done and thrilled? Sheesh...