Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Tour-- Picture Heavy

Yesterday, I went out in 108* heat and humidity to hear the report from the inspector.  (I am from Georgia and temps like that are normal there, but it is still sweltering and miserable, and now my ankles are SO paying the price.) 

There are a few minor things on the list.  A few will need addressed after closing (like the kitchen faucet that has very little water pressure.)  Most of the others are things *I* probably wouldn't have noticed.  For example: The bedroom doors for the children's rooms don't latch when you close them.  We close doors so rarely, it may have taken me months/years to figure that one out.  They can be adjusted but really, right now it is the least of my worries.  (Now the swelling in my ankles? THAT worries me! I can't see my ankle bone!)

A tiny little drama-ish story.  Solomon has already fallen down the stairs in this house.  He did it yesterday and there was blood freakin' everywhere.  He tore his upper frenulum.  So I've already cleaned the vinyl on my hands and knees once and we haven't even closed.  HA.  Solomon is okay and my heartrate has returned to normal.  Life with boys, what can I say?

Looking back through my pictures there are obviously places I didn't bother to take pictures, but I did take enough for you to get the general idea.  The house is a very clean canvas right now, but we are okay with that... for now.  (We already have a list of things for "Someday.") 

Right when you walk in the homeschool room is to your right.  I took this from the OTHER entrance to the room.  This is technically a diningroom, but A.  It is carpeted and B. There is another eating area.  We aren't fancy people.  ;) 

In this picture, I'm standing in the doorway from the homeschool room to the kitchen.

Not really our style, but we have plans... eventually.  This is a much better layout than our current rental.  (Ya know, where my dishwasher is ACROSS from my sink. HA)  A fridge is on the To Buy List. 

On the other side of that half wall, there is the "breakfast" area that we will use as our dining room.  Remember.. not fancy people. :)

This is the first picture we ever saw of it, and I thought, NO WAY jose!  That isn't big enough.  Turns out, it is a bad angle and doesn't photograph it well. 

So I tried again, yesterday and got this. 


The ceiling makes it feel MUCH larger than that first picture. :) 

Through the doorway on the left of that picture is the living room. 

We truly LIVE in our livingroom.  So this space will be welcomed and used often. 

Oh and I live in the laundry room.  That shelf will come down, so we can stack a washing machine and dryer and still fit a freezer in the room. :)

Downstairs there is also a pantry, half bath and a coat closet.  But I'll spare you those details. LOL


Master Bedroom to the right:

Master Bathroom:

Master Closet (and Vanna Soli) 

And two very similar bedrooms (one boys, one girls): 

Kids Bathroom:

Kids bathroom from another angle. 

There is also a linen closet upstairs. 

I still feel like I should pinch myself and I may be holding my breath til closing.  There is an appraisal, septic inspection and termite inspection left to go.  *slow deep breaths*. 



Erika said...

OK, first of all-- 108 is NOT normal here!! It is like that right now and it is awful and miserable and people are behaving much like they do during a snowstorm (stockpiling food, not leaving their houses, doing nothing but thinking/social media-ing about the weather)!! Now, moving on. :) Your new house looks awesome! Everything looks so clean and new- is it new construction? Love the idea of having a dedicated homeschooling room. Show us the yard next!! :)

~Stephanie said...

More normal-ish compared to here. Last Tuesday when I had no power it was in the 70's. ;) In June.. I'll take it!

Tracy said...

Things I like:
Long windows
Chair rail in dining area
School room <3 (smart!)
Love the height of ceiling, especially the line it creates with for the stairwell. Lovely photo gallery possibilities there.
Cute valance in the laundry room.
French doors in the living room. So pretty!

Your upstairs reminds me so much of one of the houses we've had. Good memories. Ruth was born in that house. :)

SS fridge isn't going to "match" your other appliances. May be a good reason to save a few dollars on that for now. ;)

I'm super excited for you, friend. I can already see your sweet fam lovin' that house up. :)

Kristina said...

Yay for a new house! We will start looking for a house to buy in dec and I am so excited. Especially when I discovered that our mortgage will probably be Half of what we currently pay for rent (that is how bad the rental market is here!)
And I like that you are using the carpeted "dining room" as a homeschool room. I hate wasted space and that is what formal dining rooms end up being most of the time!