Thursday, June 14, 2012

More House Chronicles

Brandon and I bid on a SECOND house this week. No dice. This is getting old.

I mean, really.. You want the price from 2007 (note: still near the top of the bubble)but you did not maintain your home. You have not decluttered. There is no walkway from the driveway to the front door. You have TERRIBLE mismatched appliances that you are being "generous" and leaving behind. Your kitchen layout stinks. You ONLY CLEAN ON FRIDAY. The first time we came to your house we walked through a FOOT of weeds and I nearly went into labor when my husband pointed out the STUFFED bobcat in your extra room.. which I have noted cannot be advertised as a bedroom because

How nice of you to agree to have your house power washed. It is super sad that we even had to put that INTO the offer. I'd be ashamed to try to sell my house with green slime on the side of my house. Apparently you are not.

And you STILL don't want to actually pick a close date. You were LATE responding to us and then you STILL want 14 MORE days to pick a closing date? And you are "offended" that we asked to have where you claim a small limb crashed into your roof, leaving a dent in the roof line fixed? And somehow I am supposed to trust you that it is PURELY cosmetic even though it happened FIVE YEARS AGO and YOU bought the house like that? And this is somehow supposed to make me feel better about your home maintenance because you are a maintenance man at a nursing home but your roof has been like that for five years?!?!?

Price didn't budge, and yet you REFUSE to correct the roof. I believe the words were, "I will not budge on this issue."

NOPE. We don't really want your house that bad anyway.

Two words: Buyer's.Market.

And then I find it mighty funny that less than 12 hours after you "lay it all out on the line" with your ridiculous demands, suddenly because we are no longer interested in negotiating with you, you are NOW willing to fix the roof. You know, the same one that you just said that you weren't willing to budge on at all.

Too bad, so sad, too little, too late.

In your case, sir, "Motivated seller" means "I want my cake and to eat it too. I want the best price of 2007 but I don't want to keep up my home for you to be able to justify it." I'm thinking you may want to rethink the whole "motivated seller" thing.


An Educated Buyer


Erika said...

Hahaha this is great. That person lives in a fantasy world. It must be nice there. :)

Robin said...

So funny. Yes, it is a buyer's market. (Says the person who has been trying to sell her totally remodeled, no issues house for a year, dropping the price substantially, but no offers yet. Sigh. It would be perfect for your family if only it were located about 1000 miles different, lol.)

Danielle said...

I am sorry you are having such a hard time. This is why we are adding an addition to our home. We tried to sell twice. No dead animals, we clean everyday but especially friday, and for goodness sakes I totally scrubbed and would never have left dirty laundry when someone was coming to see the house (I took it with me in the van). But still, no bites. How frustrating.
I hope you can find your new home sweet home soon. Are you trying to be in before baby boy arrives?

~Stephanie B. said...

Dani-- we aren't feeling pressured by Isaiah's arrival. We have a lease here until Sept 30th so we aren't in a huge rush. Still it is slim pickings in our price range.

We can stay here without signing another lease but our landlord has been slacking on the repairs for our place so we would rather not do that. We were willing to consider it for the home sellers for house #2, but not with their crazy list of demands and full list price. ;)

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