Sunday, October 7, 2012

Carbon Copies...


This little boy.  Where do I start?  First, he is the carbon copy of my husband-- seriously, all the way down to their big toes.  When he was born, I struggled to find anything, anything that was "me" as I studied my newest little man. 
I found nothing. 
And then he started getting older.
I finally found something that was "ME!" 

This little gem was floating around Facebook and it made me laugh until my sides ached.  I was reminded that I *could* find myself in Solomon... 

Newest example:

Tonight, we were watching Amazing Race and I made a comment about his big toe being "just like Daddy's!"  (We are three for three for the children having "Daddy's toe.")  Apparently, Solomon sensed my lack of ability to see myself in him, so he promptly rolled off of the loveseat-- on top of the infant carseat.  Ker-plunk!

Oh, but our gracefulness doesn't stop there! 

He climbed back on the loveseat and less than 5 seconds later, he rolled off of the loveseat again.  You guessed it.. right onto the infant carseat.

Brandon said, "There you are, Steph!"  We laughed and laughed.  Solomon did too. 

Nothing like some well timed humor!


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hollie marie said...

It's funny you mention the toe thing-- that's one thing that can always be determined right at birth! I've yet to have a patient who can't say without hesitation that her newborn has either "her toes" or "his toes"! Even if they can't determine who the baby resembles, there's always the toe thing!