Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming up for air...

I'm sorry I've been disappearing quite often here lately.  We have a lot going on which has left me feeling vulnerable and I've retreated into my own mind quite a bit recently. 
Forgive me for the brief summary here.. but naptime is very short these days. 

Isaiah-- 7 weeks old hanging out with mama during Choir  

1.  Isaiah is doing GREAT!  He is my best nurser and best sleeper to date.  He was born bigger than my other babies and so I guess it has to do with that.  He is a quiet baby who seems to get lost in his own daydreams and thoughts.  The only time he cries is when he is hungry, needs a diaper or is fighting sleep.  He has never cried during a bath.  Several people have commented that he appears to have an "old soul."  Not sure how to reconcile that as a Christian, but I find it interesting that several other people have said that. 
He has been amazingly healing to my broken heart and made Annalise's anniversary that much easier to get through.  I was sad but busy.  Sometimes staying busy is the best place for me to be. 
2.  I left a somewhat cryptic message about Xander the last time I blogged.  We are struggling to say the least.  Xander suddenly stopped sleeping and really amped up the acting out.  His impulse control is very poor right now.  We have had serious outbursts on his part.  He has started repetitively doing things and has serious meltdowns if we stop him.  (For example, he will stand at the light switch and flip it hundreds of times.  If we stop him, he does everything in his power to get back to the switch.)  We are in the process of getting down to the bottom of what has caused this, but would you keep praying?  We are exhausted and frustrated and yet very sensitive to our little guy and all he has been through. 
3.  We have decided to pull out of our house purchase.  There was a financing snag and it pushed our closing date way out again.  Well, it gave us an out that allowed us to get our escrow money back with no penalty.  After prayer, we took it.  Not sure what the Lord is doing here, but we are trying our best to trust that it is His plan.  Interestingly, the house is listed for much less than the price we offered.  Part of me wonders if this is our house, but just not right now.
Another possibility is that the door to this house has been shut because God is keeping us closer to our support system (church, friends etc.) and the school system is better in this county than the other. 
4.  Brandon started a new job with a new company.  He actually did his final interview the day that Isaiah was born. And he rocked out that interview on no sleep.  (Isaiah was born at 2:30ish in the morning, we hadn't been to sleep when I went into labor, it took time to get us settled and Brandon had the interview across town that morning.)  He loves his new company.  The hours are much better, he is back in an office environment, etc.  I love the regular hours and benefits.  And the pay is a plus too. (By the way, this was not the financing snag..)
5.  DeLainey and Julianne have started school again and choir has started up again too.  DeLainey auditioned for a part and got one of the two parts she hoped for.  *proud mama* 
Julianne had her Bible Presentation this past Sunday.  Our church gives each 1st grader their very own Bible.  Then when they use their Bible in Sunday School everyone has the same version and the page numbers and such line up.  With new readers this makes things easier. 

Julianne showing off her new Bible
DeLainey loves Teaching Textbooks!  Finally math isn't a struggle for the two of us!

6.  Solomon is growing by leaps and bounds.  His speech is REALLY growing and we are almost ready to start potty training.  (That roar of excitement you just heard was from the mama that has three in diapers!)
I hope to start blogging more regularly! 


Debbie Fitts said...

Great post! So good to hear about your family. You have definately had a lot going on.
Sorry about the struggles with Xander. I will continue to pray for him, as well as you and Brandon.
Love your pics of the girls. They are looking so much older! We switched our girls to TT this year too, it is going so well! Glad to hear it is working for DeLainey. LOVE the no more struggles part.

iceangel said...

Hi Stephanie! Happy to see an update. I'll keep praying for your family. We love our TT too. The only thing I DON'T like is that it doesn't start until 3rd grade!!!