Thursday, August 15, 2013

Keepin' It Real

I've always been a keepin' it real kinda girl.  Don't sugarcoat things for me.  Don't tell me that things are all sunshine and roses and that flowers and unicorns.  As Brandon says, don't set me up for the "okiedoke."

This life is messy.  And at times hard.

That has never discouraged me.

I typically rise to the challenge.  But there are days that I look at things and want to say, "HOLY MOLY OLY!  What have I gotten myself into?"

I submit Exhibit A:

That is my homeschool planner.... and ONLY has our school lessons and medical appointments in it.



Monday was HORRIFIC.  I battled for FOUR hours to get 22 problems completed. Then I got a migraine. Brandon called that afternoon and I had to fight tears to talk to him.  I finally caved and stopped school, turned on the tv for my heathens... I mean children, and went upstairs to take a hot bath... that turned out lukewarm.  So I went into our office and shut the door to take my aggression out on a box of unsharpened pencils... and gave myself a blister because OF COURSE my electric pencil sharpener was broken and no one told me and I thought I'd sharpen a box of pencils with a handheld manual sharpener.

Smooth move, Steph!

Brandon had an equally terrible day at the office but showed up at approximately 6:30 with gyros from our favorite Greek restaurant in hand.  I tagged out, stuffed my face and went upstairs to bed.

Love that man.

Tuesday was MUCH better.  I woke up with a renewed spirit, my students woke up eager to learn and we knocked out over a day's worth of work.

Wednesday morning, I woke up a bit nervous.  Xander had speech that afternoon, which meant that we were going  to lose 2 hours of homeschooling time and we were meeting his new therapist.  I packed what we could and off we went.

The day wasn't as productive as the day before, but it wasn't a total loss either.  Part of the issue is that the girls had completed a good portion of their seatwork and we needed a computer to finish the rest.  Lesson learned.  I'll more carefully manage their mornings on therapy days.

In the next few weeks, we add another weekly therapy for Xander.  He'll have two hours of therapy a week that will cause us to lose four hours of HOMEschool time.  The girls have dubbed those hours as "ROADschool."  I'm sure we will find a routine soon.  And now that I think about it, this method of ramping up has worked out in our favor.  Maybe I'll put it in my notes to "ramp up" next year too.

Then came Wednesday night when we checked into our university and print the schedules and syllabi.

I shouldn't have done it so late at night when I was already fading fast.   I had just gone to the gym for a 2 hour work out and watched Big Brother so I was a little spent.

To say it plainly, "Y'all... I may not be able to check in again until October!"

I have a ton of work to complete over the next 8 weeks.  I'm taking three classes.  An Online Learning computer course (required), Developmental Psychology and Introduction to Substance Abuse.  I'm excited to finally get into classes for my major, but this is not a online degree mill and therefore a ton is expected.

I'm glad we knocked out some house projects because that will come to a screeching halt and instead our time will be filled with completing assignments, writing papers and studying.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh did I forget to mention that?  Brandon is also returning to school.  Although he is only taking two classes to my three, I do not envy him.  He is in my Online Learning class and he is taking statistics.


Lord, help us.  

If you think about us, pray for us.  I'm not really sure what we've gotten ourselves into.

This too shall pass, this too shall pass, this too shall pass. 


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Maureen Huizinga said...

You'll get your $25 out of that planner.

(((hugs))) This shall pass, and meanwhile I pray the journey will be as enjoyable as it can be!