Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Works for Me Wednesday: Flashcards Gone Haywire

As a homeschooler, I've collected various manipulatives for the children.  I often forget about what I have collected because I've not had a great way to store things.

I've started going through and working on a better storage place for many of our things. 

As I was starting to work on things, I was faced with our flashcard bucket.  It's an old icecream bucket but we simply had too many flashcard sets to make them fit nicely.  The lid is long gone.  And some of the boxes were showing serious wear and tear.  (The Target dollar spot is an excellent place to find flashcards if you are looking for them.  The other place I check is the Dollar Tree.)  One set is homemade.

Enter Pinterest.

I found these index card holders on clearance at Walmart.  (Yes! Clearance in August!  Public school hasn't even started here, yet!)  They were .50 each.  There were several colors but I bought black because I figured if I needed to add more boxes, I could probably always find some black ones. 

Then I walked to their storage area and looking for a container to neatly hold the index card boxes that also allowed me to see the labels I planned to put on the spines. 

Then while watching TV, I took out my trusty label maker and went to town.  Now I can see them all!

Here are the boxes. I nearly have enough flashcards to fill two boxes.

(Love the photobomb courtesy of Julianne? LOL!)

 I'm on the hunt for a money flashcard set, possibly some more geography based ones, and periodic table/element set.  I am still looking for our sight words cards. 


Works for me!


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