Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Prayer Hands Keepsake

I try to pray for my children before my feet hit the floor in the morning and as the very last thing I do at night.  I pray periodically during the day depending what is going on.

But, recently, my little guys have awoken before I have which has messed up my rhythm.  And I'm dragging myself to bed after falling asleep reading my textbooks.  Sometimes my prayers are a cop out.

"Dear Lord, please let them listen tomorrow! Amen!" 

I want to be better than that.  I want to prayer powerful, insightful thoughts.

Enter cheat sheet time. 

Thinking back to my Pinterest account, I remembered this link and decided to put it to use.  Who knew you could actually DO the projects you pin?  Ha.

For this project, I used a pad of scrapbook paper and what I grew up calling a "brad."  The proper name is apparently "brass fastener."  Who knew?


I looked through the pad of papers and chose girly ones for the girls in "their colors" and boyish looking ones in "their colors."

We do a fair amount of color coding.

Lainey is pink, Julianne is purple, Xander is blue, Solomon is green, Isaiah is yellow.

Then I traced their little hands onto the paper.  Isaiah was sleeping, so I skipped him.  I can add him in later.

It is okay if they aren't perfect.  You can fudge it later. LOL

I cut them all out.  Yes, Solomon does have short stubby fingers like that. 

And stacked them up.

And poked a brass fasterner through.

You can fan them open and look at their hand sizes.

I wrote prayers for each of the children on each finger.  Five things to remember to pray for are on the white side of the paper.  Some of them are sensitive in nature, so I'm not going to show you those.  

I can't wait to put these in practice.

I plan to make more in the future years and then I can compare their hands to the previous one.

What's that?  A double duty project?  Works for me! 


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Tracy said...

I made this back in January. It always makes me smile. :)