Monday, February 22, 2010

Memorial Box Monday

I have a sweet "bloggy friend" that does this and I just love reading her stories on Memorial Box Monday. While I don't have a Memorial Box yet, each time I read one of her stories it makes me think back to different times in my life that I've had "faith building" moments.

Steph, what is a Memorial Box, anyway? Linny at A Place Called Simplicity puts little reminders of different blessings in a Memorial Box... and is actually working on rebuilding her Memorial Box after a house fire. I first heard of Linny and her family right after her house fire. . She has a beautiful family and a heart for the orphan... and well you know how highly those two subjects rank up there in my eyes and heart. The fact that she used to live near where I live now, was just icing on the cake.

If I had a Memorial Box, I'd put a miniature mailbox in it. Let me explain.

Shortly after Brandon and I were married in 2004, his two little sisters came to live with us for a short while. It was an adventure and a total step of faith for us. His sisters were 10 and 12 year old. Brandon had just changed companies and was on straight hourly salary while he was in training. Back in this time, Brandon worked in sales and we REALLY loved his commission checks and somewhat counted on them. During his new hire training period it was hourly only and it was a stretch. I was a stay at home mom to little Lainey, who was a little over a year old.

Money was tight.. much tighter than usual. We were definitely in a shoestring budget situation and once we added two extra mouths to feed and bodies to clothe, it didn't really work on paper. We tried very hard to remind ourselves that this situation is what we were called to and that God never calls you anywhere that He doesn't provide for. But we all know that we each have our stress moments and our moments of doubt.

One morning, I loaded everyone up in the car and headed to take the two older girls to school. Our checking account was VERY low.. like less than $20 and it was a few days until payday. EEKS. I had robbed our piggy bank for lunch money for the girls and when I cranked the car, I noticed that my gas gauge didn't even move. I was very scared I'd run out of gas during the morning carpool lines and be stranded with Lainey! I laid my head on the steering wheel and prayed that we wouldn't run out of gas.

I made it through both carpool lines and when I pulled back into the driveway I noticed the neighbors mail flag wasn't up anymore. I thought it was odd since our mail usually ran late in the afternoon. I walked over to the mailbox and checked the mail. There were a handful of envelopes but instead of putting them aside for a quiet moment I flipped through them. One envelope caught my eye. It was from a company that we had closed an account with the year before. My eye kept being drawn back to the return address.. and curiosity got the best of me.

I ripped the envelope open and there was a check inside! The letter said we overpaid them and they were sending a refund. We had long forgotten about the account and obviously didn't know we overpaid. But it was perfect timing!

I put Lainey back in the car, said another little prayer for my gas to last to the bank and then the gas station and headed out. I didn't run out of gas but when I filled the tank I put in more gas than I ever had before! And the amount that was refunded was just enough to get us through to payday even after a tiny trip to the grocery store.

God is SO good... and has abundantly blessed my life in big and small ways over many, many years.

How many times have you wanted to step out in faith and the world (or that little voice of doubt in your head) tells you that you'll never have enough money, time, resources, knowledge, or patience? Have you wanted to step out in faith because you've heard the calling to adopt an orphan... but yet you can't see how you'll ever pay for it? Or you want to start a ministry yet you are afraid you won't have enough sponsors or funding? I'd encourage you to pray again... ask God and see what happens. Oh and of course, come tell me about it! I love a good story of provision!


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Wow...great story Steph...thanks so much for sharing!