Thursday, February 18, 2010

Today is a "Tie a Knot" day...

It's one of those days that threatens to push me to the end of my rope... but I'm going to tie a knot and hang on.

We have several things going on around here (Ahem.. when do we not? LOL)

1. Brandon's father's triple bypass surgery was moved up to today because the blockage in his heart was so bad. Last I heard, he is still in surgery.

2. Brandon got very little sleep last night. He has alot on his mind. I slept amazingly well, thanks to my Benadryl due to chronic hives for no reason at all. Thankfully Benadryl is very safe and I can use it regularly during pregnancy.

3. Because things are a little out of sorts around here, the kids are going insane. Right now is naptime and I'm soaking up the quiet... It won't last long.

4. Brandon has some big things going on at his work. He's waiting for some news that we were supposed to hear by tomorrow... We've waited a week and he's starting to get a little edgy about it.

5. We are contemplating moving to a larger place if we are going to stay in Richmond. We rented this place with two children, a cat and a hope to adopt. We will soon be a family of 6 and we are homeschoolers now. Of course, this is something that we will bathe in prayer since it means that our living expenses would go up...

6. We are SO SICK OF WINTER! It's sad when your 7 year old announces that it is "grassing" outside after just asking a few days earlier to remind her what grass looks like. "Grassing" is Lainey's term for the grass coming out from under the snow. People, I wore sandals in 41* weather because I'm SICK of being bundled up. I can't take much more cold.

7. Julianne has some congestion and a cough to go with it. She's always hit hardest out of the kids when it comes to sickness.

8. I have a to do list a mile long today... and I'm making very slow progress.

So today I'm tying a knot in my rope... This too shall pass. I just keep telling myself "Stephanie you are blessed and you have Jesus right by your side.. just do the next thing."

Good thing I can press "repeat" in my brain and hear that over and over.

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