Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Gift in the Mail...

Imagine my amazement, when Brandon walked in from work today and when I walked in the room to greet him, he was reading a letter. I asked who the letter was from and he said her name.

I thought I misheard him. It was a letter from Xander's birthmother! We regularly send updates and do ask our adoption coordinator about her every time we talk but we've NEVER gotten a letter. The agency had forwarded the letter to us on her behalf since Xander's adoption is semi-open. .

I was moved to tears as I read the words on the page and I'm positive it wasn't just hormones. It was such a precious thing for me to experience today. She's opened the door and given me permission to ask anything. The updates I've been sending are about us and Xander and not too many questions. I didn't want to pry. I'm not even sure what to ask... but I'll be praying for the right words. I'm not really sure what Xander will want to know later, ya know?

She's also opened the door to send updates MORE often... This makes my spirit dance! I often think about writing her more but wasn't sure what she would feel. Her original request was twice a year now after the first bit of his life.. and I sure didn't want to hurt her. Usually I write his updates a little at a time, and save them all up until the time to send them. I do the same thing with pictures. Now I can send them as they come. We'll be buying a box specifically for her letters. I'll also be letting her know that we welcome her letters and even pictures if she'd like to send us some.

It's amazing how we are so bonded... and we've never even met. We just share a place in the life story of this beautiful baby boy.. my Xander.

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Brandon said...

I completely agree hon! I was moved by the letter and so happy that Xanders birth mother wants to know more and wants us to know more! I cant wait to explain to Xander what a strong woman his birth mother is for being able to make the decisions she made for him! I love you!