Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm still here!

Things are just super busy!

I'm just starting to be buried in boxes! We've been busy packing a little each day so that we can get it all done in time. Of course before you can pack, you sort (trash/donate/keep) and then you usually make a bigger mess than what you started with. We obviously can't live in the mess, so every few boxes, we are cleaning as we go. There are lots of breaks for bottles, new diapers, naptimes, meals etc.

This weekend was beautiful and made it very hard for us to stay indoors. We did make it to a park on Saturday and really enjoyed ourselves.

I've gotten information from 3 agencies so far. We are still praying fervently for guidance. Of course, they don't call their fees the same things, so it's kind of hard to compare apples to apples. I've started a few spreadsheets so I can try to keep up!

Brandon's mom is having surgery on Thursday. They are taking out (?) two discs in her neck and putting hardware in. Prayers for that procedure are greatly appreciated!

I'm headed to bed!

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