Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Musings

Just a little note about where I've been!

Last Thursday, I saw the first rough draft copy of our homestudy. I was thrilled to pieces! I marked it up and placed it in a folder with the medical forms for the boys. (New patient forms for the doctor x 2, 2 physical forms the doctor needed to sign for the homestudy.)

I laid out clothes for all of the children and myself for the next morning.

Friday, I got up eeeearly (6:45am.. craziness I tell you!) to get ready for the homeschool convention. I had a lovely chat at the Heart of Dakota booth and really feel confident about this school year. I was given the reassurance I needed and did some troubleshooting. I also got information on two music programs in the Richmond metro area. Still praying and thinking about those.

Brandon took the children to the doctor's office but there was a problem. I told him the wrong time! (Sorry BABY!) So he had to wait 40 minutes before they could be seen, with four children. Not the smoothest experience for sure!

He got the forms filled out, went by the agency to drop off the folder, and took the kids to get lunch and to pick up steaks for dinner.

I got home and helped finish up the last minute details before our company came. We enjoyed an evening with our friends, Dan and Amy, and their youngest child, Lydia. They were in town for the Homeschool Convention. Lydia is 1 month old and so cute and snuggly! Amy and Dan even shared some snuggle time with me!

Saturday, I was feeling rough. I wasn't sick, just very fatigued and I was reminded that I needed to slow down a bit. I held down the fort and started typing up a planner for Lainey's school this year.

Sunday we laid low. Brandon has a summer cold. (UGH! Can we get a break?) But I did have to go out to Walmart to get some groceries.

Today, I found a second rough draft in my email box! YIPPEE! It should be finalized this week! As soon as it is finalized we can send it to our placement agency!

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