Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Small Update..

Brandon and I have sent our homestudy paperwork to an agency that places children with special needs.

We have also sent it to the agency that we worked with for Xander's adoption.

Monday, we were contacted by an international agency asking if we were by chance, interested in a little one that we inquired about in December. We've sent them some questions and they are waiting for word back from their in-country folks. This is a little scary for Brandon and I. It is the most expensive path and we have never walked the international road. I have several friends that have (or are currently) walking this road that I've soaked up information from. I guess I'm most scared we will start this process and it wouldn't work out for some reason.

So right now, we are standing before three paths. We are praying fervently for direction. Would you pray for us too? Would you pray that the path is clear?

PS: I had a very bad allergic reaction last night and ended up in the ER. Would you also pray for wisdom for my doctors as they try to come up with a gameplan?

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