Thursday, August 4, 2011

Trying to keep busy...

I've been trying to use my nervous energy to actually accomplish something. (Ya know.. other than pinning inspiration on my Pinterest boards and eating chocolate!)

I started to redo our file system the other day, and my labelmaker died. I can't organize without a labelmaker!

Yesterday, I got a new one and so last night I redid our filing system. Instead of having it in a traditional file folder system, I put everything in a large binder. It took some time and patience but I got it done and it feels great to have it done.

I have a few more little projects to work on. I still have printing to do. I still have to type our Notice of Intent to homeschool (times 2!!) We've made our hotel reservations for our trip to visit Annalise. I have to pack (times 6).... I have some sewing to do that I've put off for far too long.

And yet all I REALLY want to do is rock our new baby. I want to study her face. I want to sniff her little head and ask a jillion questions about her routine, her likes and dislikes and her healthcare.

Still waiting,


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Lauren said...

Just wanted to stop in and say that I can't wait to "meet" your Annalise! I'm s excited for your family and am praying for you!

And on a side note, when I was looking in the "Meet the Fab Four" tab on your blog, in Solomon's you state that you heard often that a lot of people get pregnant right after they adopt... I'm admitting that I can't wait to see if that will be the case again after Miss Annalise. :)

PS - This is Lauren from Momys.