Sunday, August 21, 2011

And we wait..

(A picture I took on our trip to Susanna's. Doesn't it look like a postcard? Or a puzzle? Absolutely gorgeous!)

Our Interstate Compact paperwork left the NJ office on Friday afternoon... All FIVE sets of 200+ papers.

This is the ONE thing left to complete for Annalise to come home. As soon as this is cleared, we can go pick her up!!!!

Pray with me that red tape moves quickly!

Also, please continue to pray for my friend, Susanna. She is waiting for paperwork and red tape to clear so that she can travel internationally to bring Katerina home. Pray protection over Katerina. They are expecting to wait about 4 months to return to her, but we are praying for it to be expedited!



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Danielle said...

Hi Stephanie,
I am so glad your meeting went well. I am excited for you to actually get her home. What fun to meet Susanna. I am an hour north/west of her. I know all about the tolls, I grew up about 15 minutes south of philly airport. I much prefer the pretty country side here to the noise and hustle and bustle there! But a Philly cheesesteak or hoagie is not to be found anywhere else!
Praying for you and your family.