Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Post-Race Recovery...

I feel like I've run a marathon. Every night I've gone to bed early and I still feel like I could sleep a week.

We've had something or multiple somethings to do every day for over a week, on top of parenting our crew and having fun with Auntie Karon and trying to keep my house from getting too trashed. For a homebody like me, that kind of schedule is a big deal. Add in the medical stress and drama and we not only ran a marathon, we ran it in the mountains.

I have alot of posts in the works, but right now, I just need to recover.

The neurologist yesterday said this would be a long term thing with multiple medical appointments and tests. He encouraged us to take care of ourselves and make sure we don't run ourselves too low. I need to heed that advice.

Limping to the recovery station,



Tracy said...

((hugs)) my friend. You can do this well in the Lord's strength.

Ben and April said...

Praying for you all and that you will have clear answers and direction for Xander.

Debbie said...

I'll pray rest and peace for you.