Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Smack of Reality

Day 3: (Christmas Eve) Xander only drank 1.5 cups before he went to bed. I was greatly disturbed by this so we jumped at the chance to give him a cup when he woke a little after midnight. That brought his total up to 2.5. Still not 3 but better! We figured he was just distracted and a little out of sorts since we went to Christmas Eve service at 5pm. He did not scream in the car at all, even after we drove across the river so Brandon and I could find where I have to be on Tuesday. It is a hospital unfamiliar to me and I'd rather wander around with my husband. We programmed the entrance into the GPS. I just have to remember to take toll money. (Gotta love tolls!) He didn't have any dirty diapers... I can honestly say this has never occurred in his life.

Day 4: (Christmas Day) So far he has only had 2 cups. We are praying that this isn't a downward trend. :( We are hoping that maybe we can get him to drink when he wakes during the night. I spent much of today fighting back tears and a lump in my throat. I know that the extra hormones aren't helping a bit. I think I got a little ahead of myself thinking about the future. For example: it is almost birthday season here. If we are still doing formula only, he will not be able to have birthday cake. Simple things like going out to dinner to celebrate things will be a cruel reminder of what Xander cannot have. I don't know-- maybe I'm just overtired and overstimulated with the holiday. It was just a very hard day for me. I had a little cry and now I feel a little better. Still totally overwhelmed with the unknown but a little better. I am very thankful that he has had no diarrhea and no diaper rash.

We have some new prayer requests today:

1. That Xander drinks at least 24 ounces every day.

2. Tuesday we are to call the allergist with the results of the first 5 days. Pray that we can convey our concerns in a way that is easily understood.

3. Xander has a small case of the sniffles. This could cause the MRI to be cancelled since he has to be sedated. Pray that we get clear answers so that we can prepare ourselves accordingly. We so badly want to know if there is anything found on the scan but we also want his scan to be done safely.

I pray you had an enjoyable day celebrating our Savior's birth. We sure did.


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Debbie said...

(((hugs))) Praying all three requests at this moment! And again later. :)