Friday, December 2, 2011

Show Off!

My outlook is much better today. Last night I confessed my worry to Brandon and he quickly reminded me that worry could do nothing but make things look worse and stress me out. Oh I was feeling the results of stress for sure! I had eaten very little in the past few days, I had a nervous stomach, my hands shook, I had a flare of cluster migraines and my eyes burned from crying so much. I was grouchy and withdrawn and I have slept very poorly.

We prayed and looked over the list of pediatric neurologists covered by our insurance and one caught our eye. We decided that we would call that office first thing this morning. But if we couldn't get a decent appointment we'd call them all, if it came to that and/or call our family practitioner to ask him to refer us professionally since that often gets you a closer appointment.

Last night I emailed a very special friend of mine, Maureen, and asked her to look over the list for us. She is a nurse practitioner and a mother of 5 living children (expecting #6 soon!) She gets it. She told us she had heard good things about the same doctor that caught our eyes earlier.

I slept pretty good once I fell asleep. And this morning we called that doctor's office. Brandon asked what their first available appointment was, and the gentleman said "About 4 weeks."

Brandon said we'd take it. (Much sooner than February!) He took our information and Brandon explained our situation. I prayed for favor with this man, and he put Brandon on hold to "double check."

He came back with an appointment in 11 days, on December the 13th. Much sooner than 4 weeks. Brandon thanked him profusely and they hung up.

We sat on our bed amazed at what just happened. I whispered, "Only God, Brandon.." and at that very moment we realized the light was flashing on our house phone, indicating that we had a voicemail.

Brandon called the voicemail and heard wonderful news.

An office he called yesterday was calling to notify us that they had reserved a time for Xander to be seen on December the 8th!

December the 8th, God? Now you are just showing off. *chuckle*

We quickly called back and let them know that we absolutely wanted that appointment and double checked that they do accept our insurance (they aren't on the list that I printed last night) and they do accept it.

So now we hold not only ONE appointment in the next 12 days, but TWO. Only God!

Brandon and I discussed which one to keep and for now we are keeping both. We may need a second opinion and since these appointments were both divinely arranged, we'd hate to give up one and then truly have to wait until February. Of course, if things are satisfactory on the 8th, we will call promptly and cancel the other one, possibly allowing another desperate family to have their child seen as soon as possible.

We also witnessed another show off moment. Two days ago, Brandon took the first available endoscopy procedure date and time.

It could be a coincidence that I asked my aunt to come in December this year instead of November, but I don't believe in coincidences.

She arrives on the 9th and is planning to drive back to Georgia the 13th.

Since my aunt will also be here on the 12th, we do not need to arrange an additional sitter or be placed in a position to decide which parent stays home with the other three children.

We have braced ourselves that Xander will most probably have a sedated MRI scheduled at his neurology appointment on the 8th. Perhaps we can have both the endoscopy AND the MRI done at the same time on the 12th only requiring him to be sedated once.

Also, if we do need that second opinion with the second neurologist on the 13th, my aunt has said that she will extend her visit one more day, so the majority of our childcare will be covered.

We are hoping to have some coverage on the 8th so that Brandon and I can both attend the neurology appointment downtown, without taking all of the children into a hospital during flu season. Could you pray for that childcare need?

Now, I'm off to have my weekly date with Maureen. She comes over every Friday on her lunch break, since we moved down the street from her office. Another not a coincidence. ;)


Donna B said...

All that is going through my head right now is that song "Our God Is An Awesome God!"

Continued prayers.

Debbie said...

YES! He is THAT good!!! Great update.