Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to Simplifying...

I originally named my blog The Simple Bees because I was in a huge simplifying stage.

Sometimes things are just unnecessarily complicated. And we were trying to move things back to being more simple.

It's about that time to start the process of simplifying our lives again.

So, the past few days I've been quiet on the blog. Others have noticed I've been quiet on Facebook too. I've been observing our lives and trying to figure out what can be simplified and what needs simplified.

Meals have always been an huge complication in our lives. And I'm not quite sure how to simplify them without causing boredom. Not too long ago, Tuesdays were Taco Tuesdays. But somewhere we became bored with that and moved away from it. So I'll be looking at my methods again and trying to simplify this again. I know that a lot of people eat the same thing every week, but that just isn't appealing to any of us.

I do need to rely more on my crockpot as cooking raw meat isn't going well at all for me at this point.

Homeschooling is going well, but I fear that our curriculum will have to change this fall. We've enjoyed doing unit studies but this fall we expect to have 3 children, 3 years old and under, so I'm not sure I'll be able to keep it going this coming fall.

Our finances will simplify themselves soon. Our van will be paid off this spring and we cannot wait! We've also trimmed the budget back a good bit in order to meet some goals we set and that also helped simplify things.

I'm eager to find solutions that will allow us to simplify more.


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Tracy said...

Great way to invest your time, friend. :) You could stick with the idea of having Taco Tuesday but change the taco method a bit each week. One week soft tacos, next hard, next open face, next taco salad. That way it's the same basic ingredients but still different enough to avoid the burnout. I try to do that with our Pasta Mondays. :)

I happen to love looking over curriculum. Let me know if I can be helpful!