Saturday, January 28, 2012

Settling In ....

This morning is the first morning that I felt like things are settling in. Last night Brandon and I squeezed onto a twin sized fold up bed and snuggled all night. It was the first night we've slept together at the same time and it felt amazing. Xander slept through the night peacefully as well.

It was sad saying "See ya later" to Brandon (I have a thing against Goodbyes) and for a little while after he left I felt like I was going to burst into tears at any moment. But I had little Xander to keep me busy.

This morning Xander fought hard to be perky. It wasn't his true perky self but you can tell that he wants to feel better so badly! He ate breakfast and then we snuggled and watched some movies (Toy Story 3 and Shrek.)

True to his hospital routine he fell asleep about 11:30. Dr. Swami came by right after Xander fell asleep and we discussed his progress. Some Cdiff is Flagyl resistant but since he is starting to show an improvement, Dr. Swami doesn't think we will have any issues with that.

After I spoke with Dr. Swami, I used naptime to take the opportunity to go down to the cafeteria. I've gained a sense of direction here.. FINALLY! Yesterday I was so overwhelmed with coming to the floor that I couldn't remember how to go to get to anything.

Xander's nap didn't last long though and he was very irritable for the rest of the afternoon. For lunch he would only eat saltine crackers and drink sprite.

We had a nutrition consult and she was rather stumped after listening to Xander's history. Right now we can't do much because the cdiff has muddied the waters so much. For now we are letting him eat what he wants (within reason) using small frequent meals. We are avoiding milk, soy and eggs again. Dr. Swami thinks that his tummy was so distended at admittance because of the eggs and pancakes he had the breakfast before (at the old hospital.) We are going to try to see if he will take Elecare Junior Vanilla. I'm not very hopeful but I'm willing to try! She said Elecare Jr. Vanilla is the best tasting one so we will start there tomorrow. He will still be on table foods but she is hoping to increase his caloric intake and get him some better rounded nutrition.

The nutritionist also spoke with me about a diagnostic complex issue team that she thinks we should see. Apparently, they are a group of doctors that are very good about taking strange pieces and figuring out the puzzle. We were originally supposed to be with that team, but they had a high number of patients the day that we were assigned our group so they chose Dr. Swami since he does infectious diseases and cdiff is one. The nutritionist was pleased that we are having a genetics consult on Monday. She said we will get back together and make a plan once cdiff gets better.

For dinner, Xander ate plain white rice. Then I gave him a bath and a massage with lavender lotion. I put him into a fresh gown and shortly after he fell asleep in my arms.

Another day down and we are headed in the right direction.

Thank you, Lord!


PS: I'm planning on doing a question/answer post in the next few days. If you have a question, feel free to ask.

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