Sunday, January 15, 2012

FPIES: Food Protein Intolerance Enterocolitis Syndrome

Our allergist has been very good about keeping in touch with us this weekend. I think a um.. harsh, blunt conversation with a certain Papa Bear let her know just how disappointed we were that we were left hanging on Friday. I can't say I blame him. I was near hysterics. *blush*

Anyway, so we spoke with Dr. G yesterday (Saturday) and discussed Xander's status. He was still having diarrhea and had almost quit drinking on us. By 3pm, I had only gotten him to drink 9 ounces of his formula. According to the doctor, he needs 48 ounces to grow. (I know that before I said 32, but that was a miscalculation based on him still supplementing some from food, which he is not.)

He was still screaming and sucking his thumb violently.

So we asked her if this is still considered Multiple Food Protein Intolerance. She said that she had changed his diagnosis to Food Protein Intolerance Enterocolitis Syndrome (FPIES) when she went back through his charts. He has displayed low blood pressure over and over and while he doesn't have the violent vomiting that occurs commonly with FPIES, he does have the diarrhea component. Our allergist does believe that what we thought was occasional reflux was actually vomiting since all of his reflux testing that the gastroenterologist did came back negative. He hasn't done that at all since being on the elemental formula.

We are to follow up with her and the gastroenterologist.

So what does that mean for us? Well, so far not much. There is a possibility that he could go into shock after a vomiting/diarrhea episode and we'll be careful to look for that. Again, she has told us that because he is being diagnosed when he is older than a "typical" FPIES patient that this may be a long term thing for him. (This child was diagnosed as a toddler and only has 5 safe foods.)

I networked with some other allergy/gastro moms and they have all highly encouraged us to go to one of the top specialists in the country-- especially since he is now limited as to what elemental formulas he can have and he still has zero safe foods. Apparently Cincinnati Children's, Boston Children's and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia all have highly respected programs. But it could be months before we can get in.

Do you have goosebumps yet? Annalise was going to be followed by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Hearing the hospital's name brought me instant peace. It was as if my mind said "Oh yeah...this isn't a surprise for God! Annalise was not a mistake for our family. It didn't work out the way we thought it would but crossing paths with her had meaning and there was a divine reason that we did."

So we just keep going. He's still our Xander even when he isn't feeling 100%. (I don't know if he is feeling better today yet because he is still sleeping. I haven't woken him for church.) We love him and will do whatever it takes to help him. We vowed that 2.5 years ago and that hasn't changed. We don't know where we will end up with him, but then we don't know that about any of our other children either.

But we know and love the One Who does.

Off to get ready for worship,


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Danielle said...

I'll keep praying for all of you. I am very curious about that sydrome. Asher had the patch testing done (the three day thing) and more allergens showed up on that than ever did on his blood/prick tests. Very interesting, but not fun to deal with. God knows all things and Xander is created fearfully and wonderfully. Hugs.