Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa Saga 2009

Ahhh yes.. the Old Red Guy. I really dread going to see him. I hate the lines, my kids being impatient and then wasting all that time to have the kids not even give us a good smile and then paying ridiculously over inflated prices for not so great pictures. This year was no exception. In fact, Brandon knows that I hate going to see the O.R.G., so he bribed me with a treat of a pedicure after if I just made it through without having a little hissy or getting huffy and puffy. Honestly, I think handing Xanax out at the beginning of the line (for the parents of course!) is a grand idea. Too bad it's also highly illegal.

So we get the children dressed... and head out. There is still snow everywhere and traffic is moving at a snail's pace. I think I could have drug three children through the snow barefoot a little faster. Instead we cranked up the 90's hits collection and used our car heater to keep warm.
The mall was just as insane. We were pleasantly surprised that the line was short when we finally got to that end of the mall. (Sidenote: Do you walk on the right when trying to get through a walkway? Or is that something thoroughly ingrained in my brain from EHS days and the tunnel? Either way, I'm very aware that apparently everyone doesn't know that little gem of information.)

A short line.. so no problem right? Well it sure wasn't until I got Miss Talkative right behind me. She wanted to know the children's names, ages, where I got their clothes, and get this... If I was expecting... and how on earth did I do it all? Oh wait, it gets better. The next question: "So are you done yet?" I mean really.. is this something you just ask a random person you just happen to be behind in the dreaded Santa line?

For the record, I have to say that I was very polite and nice and no we aren't done. *grin* We won't know that until well.. there are no more! But both Brandon and I really feel called to adopt at least one more time. So instead of telling her no and being short, I told her that we view each of our children as blessings and that God has timed each one perfectly... and given my struggle with infertility we were pleasantly surprised to be expecting #4.

Okay.. so then another child starts pulling on the gate that is protecting Santa from all the.. blessings and I thought she was really going to pull it over.

Phew.. Our turn. And well.. this is when a Xanax would have been GREAT! First the "elf" says she doesn't know if she can fit three children around Santa. REALLY? Are three children really that rare these days? So they pile poor Santa up *rolls eyes* and start attempting to get my three to smile. Lainey smiles, most of the time. Julianne smiles in the beginning of each attempt but the elf is trying to get Xander to smile by clapping a giant hand clapper. It's not working and Julianne's smile fades each time and turns into a grimace. She is merely tolerating this whole process. Oh and let's not forget Miss Talkative is now standing behind me yelling over my head at MY children trying to get them to smile. Xanax PLEASE!

After 12 pictures, I gave up.

We spent $29.99 for a mediocre picture and then I went to debrief in the pedicure chair while Brandon took the children to get cookies.
Wanna see the final result? Yes friends, this is the *best* picture out of 12. *sigh*

Notice that ALL of Lainey isn't in the picture and even Santa doesn't look thrilled. Maybe next year I'll bribe Brandon to take all four by himself. LOL

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Erika said...

Haa! That is too funny. I can't believe someone would be so nosy with total strangers! And no, I don't think the rest of the world is as in tune to the idea that you walk on the RIGHT as we EHS grads are...that's why we're Champions for Life!!