Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Eat from the Pantry" Challenge: THE RULES and THE PLAN

I've come up with my goals for the January Challenge. A few of my friends are taking part and I've decided to join the bandwagon.

Unfortunately, due to quite a bit of morning sickness, holiday hectic-ness, and a stomach virus, shopping has been bare essentials so I'm not sure how much I really have to use up. LOL

1. Shop only 4 times in the month of January. This will allow us to buy fresh milk, bread and produce at least weekly. I can't store more than about a week's worth at this point of refridgerated items so that is my limit.

2. Spend NO MORE than $300 on our groceries for the month. (This is excluding baby formula, household needs, tolietries, etc since those are separate envelopes in the Bee household for you Dave Ramsey folks.) So I have 4 eaters really.

3. Adhere to our eating out budget. It's $25 because we have some other things to take care of this month. We also have some giftcards from Christmas that I'm NOT including in the $25.

If you want to join the challenge, make your rules and c'mon!


I first went into our pantry, cabinets, freezer and refridgerator to see what we have to work with. I found quite a bit in the side dish department but I had very little for meat.
I made my list, checked it twice, looked at the ads and changed some things around. Tomorrow is shopping day!
I'll report back with what I spent... One thing is for sure, we have to come in under budget because we are using cash! Funny how that works huh?

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Erika said...

Wow, this sounds good!! I will be impressed to see what you come up with!