Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The apple.. ahem.. strawberry? doesn't fall far from the tree.. And my name is Julianne!

So the Sunday that Auntie Karon was coming in, we dashed around town running last minute errands. She is incredibly hard person to shop for. But what girl doesn't like chocolate? I mean she's a woman but do we ever really outgrow our need for chocolate? I sure don't think so.

I knew Augusta didn't have a Godiva and my aunt is FAAAAR too practical to buy Godiva for herself. BINGO! A great gift right?

Brandon had a huge smile on his face and said "NO chocolate covered strawberries for the baby!" as he looked down at my belly. I leaned over and said "Did you hear that Baby G_____ (name not announced) Daddy says NO chocolate strawberries."

Suddenly from the back, I heard "I is allowed to have strawberries... and my name... is Julianne!" Silly girl thought I'd called her the wrong name and told her she couldn't have strawberries. It was hilarious!

Well Godiva is in our outdoor mall... and it was cold so we rushed in and made a mad dash across the mall (of course we couldn't park near the Godiva.. we aren't natives and have no idea where Godiva is in relation to the various parking lots!)

As soon as we opened the door to enter Godiva, my girls both started sniffing. You can SMELL the chocolate there. Julianne began pushing air towards her nose and inhaling deeply and then she began to look around. She looked a little like Charlie when he entered Willy Wonka's factory.

We picked the gift and Brandon stood in line to pay. He cannot resist batting eyelashes and so he got two cones of chocolate covered strawberries. One was dark chocolate and one was milk chocolate.

When we got to the van, I gave each girl 2 stawberries and I stressed for Julianne not to eat the tops. A few minutes later, we were stuck in traffic and I asked Julianne where her strawberry tops were and she said in her carseat. I asked her to pass them up to me and this is what I saw:

Not a single drop of chocolate or strawberry left on the tops... and that my friends, is how I know that she was not switched at the hospital. She is definately mine. ;)

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Erika said...

so cute!! that's a girl who knows to Waste Not, Want Not!!